10 Reasons Why The 90s Was The Best Era Of NBA Basketball

The 1990s was a glorious time to be a kid and a teenager. Everything seemed better in the 90s, from video games to music, movies, and, of course, sports.

We had all the coolest things and new tech. There was Super Nintendo, and we even had the original PlayStation. On top of video games, we had other exciting electronics, like Tamagotchi pets.

Pogs took over our lives for a few years, and when that faded, it was Pokémon cards. Then, the Internet arrived, and we kids couldn’t wait until our parents got off the phone to use it.

The beauty of the 90s is more than the stuff we had. We also played outside… and we did this a lot.

These memories are great. It’s always fun to dive into nostalgia, and as a sports fan, especially a basketball fan, the 90s had the most entertaining and memorable basketball to date.