1 Trade Scenario For Contenders To Win Arms Race

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In some ways, NBA teams function like children. They see one get something, and suddenly, they want one too. 

At the same time, perhaps that’s not fair. The NBA is an extremely competitive place. When a team acquires a star player, other teams don’t just want their own – they need one. 

It’s an arms race in the NBA. If you don’t have the artillery, you’re not going to survive. With that said, the Cleveland Cavaliers just landed a pretty serious piece of weaponry in Donovan Mitchell. 

Now, their competitors need to follow suit. Of course, everyone won’t be able to land a Mitchell-caliber player. There aren’t many (if any) on the current market.

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Moreover, most of the league’s best teams already have their very best players solidified – which, in turn, means they don’t likely have the financial flexibility to land such a player. 

They’ll still need to upgrade their stock. Here are three trades that have some of the league’s top contenders doing exactly that.