Accelerate Her driver profile: Brittney Zamora

Brittney Zamora is one of NASCAR‘s most dynamic rising stars. As a second-generation driver and one of the inaugural participants in the Busch Light Accelerate Her program, Zamora is just starting to rev her engine on her speedy path to success.

From early on, Zamora was encouraged by her family to pursue motorsports and follow her dream to become one of the all-time top drivers in NASCAR. Throughout her career, she has won various championships, broken track records and received a multitude of awards ranging from Rookie of the Year to the prestigious NASCAR Wendall Scott Trailblazer Award. Zamora currently races the No. 25 Pro Late Model for Rackley W.A.R., and is competing full-time in the Show Me The Money series at the Montgomery Motor Speedway.

By joining forces with Busch Light through the Accelerate Her program, Zamora aims to break the stereotypes that many women face in a male-dominated sport. She recalls having trouble securing meaningful brand support at the beginning of her career and facing more obstacles than her competitors. Ultimately, this pushed her to become an even stronger competitor, making a name for herself on and off the track.

“Throughout my career, I‘ve struggled with exposure due to a lack of brand support, so having a brand like Busch Light that is so prominent in NASCAR backing me is huge,” Zamora said. “This support from Busch Light is helping to set me up for success in a way that I haven‘t before. I‘m excited to continue growing with this support and establish a long-lasting relationship with one of the biggest supporters of NASCAR — Busch Light.”


The Busch Light Accelerate Her Program is a three-year commitment that takes aim at the inequity of resources available to women drivers by investing directly in every 21+ woman driver in NASCAR, providing brand-building opportunities to increase fan visibility of drivers and the sport. The Busch Light Accelerate Her program is the next step in a proud, 40-year partnership between Busch Light and NASCAR that has propelled the sport forward, bringing fans closer to the action and expanding NASCAR throughout the U.S. Busch Light asks that fans show their support by heading to where they can learn more about the inaugural drivers, including Natalie, that are receiving this opportunity.