What tech innovations did we see at the Jerez Test?

KTM unveiled a set of radically different exhausts. With the bottom exhaust a lot longer than before, it’s interesting to note that Ducati also recently tried a very long bottom exhaust. From what we heard about Ducati, the long exhaust gave a little more power and grunt and it was this that the Ducati riders decided to go against in the end as it just made the GP22 a little too hard to handle.

But for KTM it might not be power they’re chasing but more usable power instead. Their rear grip problems have been extensively covered by many, so it could be the case that KTM are looking to try and find something in this area. Binder commented that he didn’t feel a massive deal of difference but he did liked the way it sounded, so that’s always a plus!

We’ll await the Catalan Test to see if KTM build on this idea and bring another version or if they try these exhausts again.