Video: Jake Paul vs. Michael Bisping. Who says no?

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Don’t look now, but Jake Paul might be zeroing in on his next target, and it’s another former UFC champion, but this one’s retired and hasn’t fought in almost five years.

We’re talking about none other than Michael Bisping, as the UFC Hall of Famer and YouTube star-turned-professional boxer have been going back and fourth on social media of late, which makes you wonder if they’re laying the foundation for a future booking.

Paul has said he plans to box again in August, but he hasn’t settled on an opponent just yet. Paul has made his name (and money) in combat sports off two prominent MMA standouts in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, whom he both knocked out. Could Bisping be next? The former UFC middleweight champ hasn’t competed since a knockout loss to Kelvin Gastelum in November 2017. He retired shortly after and has become one of the promotion’s preeminent commentators.

So? Would you be interested in seeing Paul box Bisping? Our “Spinning Back Clique” panel of Matthew Wells, Danny Segura and Brian “Goze” Garcia answered with host “Gorgeous” George Garcia in the video above.

“Spinning Back Clique” is released each Tuesday on MMA Junkie’s YouTube channel. You can watch the full episode in the video below.