Josh Emmett edges out Calvin Kattar in boxing-filled battle

A fight full of striking ends with Josh Emmett pulling out a close victory over Calvin Kattar in the main event of UFC Austin

Josh Emmett says he’s ready for a title shot, making his case with a victory over Calvin Kattar in the main event of UFC Austin.

The pair spent quite a bit of time in the first round feeling each other out before Emmett came forward with power shots. Kattar, however, adjusted and kept himself at range to trouble Emmett. Kattar held off a late takedown attempt from Emmett in the opening frame, though he ate an elbow on the break.

UFC Austin: Josh Emmett pulls off narrow win over Calvin Kattar

Aware of Emmett’s ability to deliver powerful overhands, Kattar threw with speed and precision, landing a multitude of shots in the second round and opening up a cut around Emmett’s left eye. Emmett targeted Kattar’s body in the round’s closing seconds, but Kattar fought back and landed a knee.

Emmett came forward early on in the third round, landing a noteworthy overhand shot in the opening minute. By this point, Emmett was able to keep himself out of dodge from Kattar’s hands, bouncing around the Octagon.

Despite not showing an increase in urgency for most of the fourth round, Kattar’s pace didn’t slow down, and he continued to work over Emmett’s eye. Kattar seemed to get Emmett to stumble from an elbow up the middle as well.

The two put on another close boxing display in the final round. Kattar seemed to pull away in terms of the number of strikes in the fifth, but Emmett’s power was still there by the final frame.

The fight went to the judges, who all scored the bout 48-47, with two of them scoring the fight to Emmett and giving him the win.

UFC Austin: Calvin Kattar vs. Josh Emmett took place on Saturday, June 18, 2022, live from the Moody Center in Austin, TX. Follow along with FanSided MMA for all your news and highlights.