Brian Ortega speaks out for the first time since ‘freak injury’

Brian Ortega speaks out for the first time since ‘freak injury’ 

Brian Ortega was on the losing end of a freak injury in the UFC Long Island main event and now he’s speaking out after the loss.

On Saturday Ortega’s shoulder became dislocated in his fight with Yair Rodriguez.

“Sorry to keep you guys waiting just been a rough couple of days and I had to wrap my head around all this,” Ortega wrote on Instagram. “I have a 72-hour rule where I just keep to myself when I feel low and pick myself up. I repeat I was never in any submission danger I grabbed my own hand and pulled my arm out to begin to pass to a more dominant position and it was then where a freak accident happened and I yanked my shoulder out of its socket.”

The injury occurred in the very first round and, as a result, Rodriguez walked away with the

“This was something I had no control of,” he continued. “As for the fight it was starting to shape up to be one hell of a war and things got cut short and for that I’m sorry. Nothing but respect to @panteraufc I know we will run this one back and give the world a proper Mexican Showdown! Thank you guys for your love and support I will now see the damage, and make a solid plan to get to you guys as soon as I can. Thank you.”

This is Ortega’s second straight loss.