2022 Pan American Championships | Senior All-Around Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of senior competition at the 2022 Pan American Championships, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:01 pm. All-around final and team qualification standings! Bold = qualified to world championships.


1. Caio Souza BRA 83.033
2. Yul Moldauer USA 81.767
3. Félix Dolci CAN 79.333
4. Lucas Bitencourt BRA 78.500
5. Diogo Soares BRA 78.433
6. Andres Martinez COL 78.399
7. Shane Wiskus USA 77.833
8. Dilan Jimenez COL 77.601
9. Kenji Tamane CAN 77.067
10. Santiago Mayol ARG 76.634
11. Jose Martinez COL 75.867
12. Edward Gonzalez PER 75.300
13. Jose Lopez PUR 74.799
14. Isaac Nuñez MEX 74.634
15. Leandro Peña DOM 74.333
16. Joel Álvarez CHI 74.266
17. Javier Rojo MEX 74.033
18. Diorges Escobar CUB 73.834
19. Julian Jato ARG 73.400
20. Andres Perez PUR 73.233


1. United States 250.035
2. Brazil 244.201
3. Canada 237.599
4. Colombia 233.767
5. Mexico 230.001
6. Argentina 228.768
7. Cuba 223.568
8. Puerto Rico 222.999

8:51 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA PH: Not the most difficult routine, but he hit under a lot of pressure! 12.267 (4.7 D)

8:48 pm. Caio Souza BRA PH: Had a solid routine going until the very end when he went to dismount and kind of fell down onto his shoulder and rolled off into the dismount. SO CLOSE. Had a few little things throughout, hips need to be a bit higher overall, but I think this one routine can be forgiven today given the work he’s done. Think he’ll still take the AA title! 12.033 (5.1 D)

8:44 pm. Diogo Soares BRA PH: Had some nice flair work early on but then started getting a bit wild with his rhythm and couldn’t bring his legs back together, kind of flew over and then off the horse. Oof, same thing happened again when he got back on, it looked like when he was going between the horse and handles before the dismount. Back on and finished strong with a good dismount. Still a fantastic day despite that last-minute mistake. 10.433 (5.0 D)

8:41 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA PH: Overall a decent routine, legs started to come apart right near the end, but he was able to push himself up into position for the dismount. Pretty great day for him! 10.533 (4.0 D)

8:34 pm. Mexico on pommels…

Javier Rojo 12.400 (4.6 D)
César Gracia 12.267 (4.0 D)
Isaac Nuñez 11.800 (5.3 D)
Antonio Hernández 9.000 (4.3 D)

8:32 pm. Arthur Zanetti BRA FX: Piked double front down the side of the floor. Front layout to double front, small hop. Full-twisting double layout, small hop. Had something into a front full after that but I wasn’t watching closely. Full-in, and then an arabian double front with a hop back to finish. King! 13.633 (5.7 D)

8:29 pm. Caio Souza BRA FX: Front full to double front, little wobble, but good. I think the next was a full-in half-out double back? Or double double with a half at the end? I didn’t pay close enough attention. It was nice. 2.5 to front layout, stuck! Triple full, crossed ankles and a step. Okay, this lady wearing him on her shirt is DEF his mom. She’s like, praying right now. Me watching everyone though tbh. 13.700 (5.7 D)

8:27 pm. Diogo Soares BRA FX: Double double, stuck cold! Beautiful. These guys are truly killing it today. 1.5 to double front. 2.5 to barani, just gorgeous. Double full. Triple full, loses steam a bit on that one and lunges forward, but this was so nice overall. 13.667 (5.4 D)

8:24 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA FX: Wow, I’m actually catching him this time! I think a front double full to double front to start. 2.5 to front layout next. Piked double front, solid. 1.5 to front tuck full. Arabian double front with a step forward. Not bad! 13.800 (5.4 D)

8:20 pm. Mexico on floor..

Fabián de Luna 12.833 (5.3 D)
Javier Rojo 12.833 (5.3 D)
Antonio Hernández 12.567 (5.1 D)
Isaac Nuñez 12.067 (5.0 D)

Saw a 12.833 (4.7 D) from Cesar Lopez of Ecuador on PB!

8:17 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA HB: I caught it just as he was doing something really fancy, a full-twisting Jaeger I think? He had a few iffy spots, especially in pirouettes, but the full-twisting double layout was beautiful. Small hop. 13.800 (5.7 D)

8:13 pm. Caio Souza BRA HB: One-arm front pirouette, tak half, almost right into the Kolman, Cassina, a little wild before catching but gets it, layout Tkachev, two little steps back on the double twisting double layout. Someone in the crowd has a t-shirt with his face all over it and is screaming and crying and I think it might be his mom or something but I hope it’s just a random lady. 13.967 (6.3 D)

8:11 pm. Diogo Soares BRA HB: Caught a Kovacs, feet barely clared the bar on the layout Tkachev, got the straddle, though. A bit of a wobble with his feet on the dismount, but another nice big hit for him! 13.433 (5.3 D)

8:07 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA HB: As usually I wasn’t paying attention at the start of the subdivision and missed this but based on the yelling it was good! 13.000 (5.4 D)

8:03 pm. The rest of Mexico on high bar…

Isaac Nuñez 13.033 (5.0 D)
César Gracia 12.867 (4.6 D)

8:01 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA PB: Literally forgot he is here. A little short on a turn onto the single rail, maybe a little tentative on that as well. Pike hold pressed to handstand, double pike dismount, slides his feet together. 13.667 (5.2 D)

7:59 pm. Caio Souza BRA PB: Had a really big double salto, that was very nice, form was gorgeous. Handstands are looking pretty well-controlled. Straddle salto, clean Tippelt, double front half with a baby hop back. 14.233 (6.0 D)

7:58 pm. So far it’s a struggle for Mexico on high bar…

Antonio Hernández 11.467 (4.8 D)
Javier Rojo 10.833 (4.4 D)

7:57 pm. Diogo Soares BRA PB: He bent in half while trying to hold a handstand on the single rail, but that aside, this has been nice. Small hop back on the double pike. 13.600 (5.5 D)

Nice 14.133 (5.2 D) for Victor Rostagno from Uruguay on vault! The other individual guys in this rotation, all from Ecuador, also did well.

7:55 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA PB: I honestly wasn’t paying attention. It was a hit routine! Double pike dismount with a hop. 13.667 (5.6 D)

7:54 pm. It took them 200 years to begin this rotation. Vault is literally over already lol. Here we go!

7:47 pm. Cesar Lopez of Ecuador scored a 12.333 (4.4 D) on pommels, which is pretty solid!

7:45 pm. Anyway, here’s Mexico’s p-bars scores! They showed us a single dismount.

César Gracia 12.933 (4.8 D)
Javier Rojo 12.800 (5.1 D)
Isaac Nuñez 11.967 (5.6 D)
Antonio Hernández 11.767 (4.8 D)

7:43 pm. “We’re kinda burnt out on this sport and really don’t care about p-bars to be entirely honest” – the stream and me

7:39 pm. Arthur Zanetti BRA VT: I love that he’s a vault regular now. Handspring double front, a bit deep in the landing, but that was really solid. 14.367 (5.2 D)

Second vault is a kaz full, a little messy off the table and a big step back. 13.533 (4.8 D)

7:37 pm. Caio Souza BRA VT: Kaz double! Big air. Hopped back on the landing. 14.833 (5.6 D)

Second vault is a handspring double front half, THE HEIGHT on that when he lands is unreal! Solid landing in terms of his feet, too…just a step back. 14.833 (5.6 D)

7:35 pm. Diogo Soares BRA VT: Kaz full, beautiful! Great landing. 14.333 (4.8 D)

7:31 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA VT: I think he had a kaz 1.5, looked really solid! 14.333 (5.2 D)

7:29 pm. Moving on to the next rotation!

Great vault for Mexico, minus Rojo – looks like he fell.

Fabián de Luna 14.167 (5.2 D)
Antonio Hernández 13.867 (4.8 D)
Isaac Nuñez 13.800 (4.8 D)
Javier Rojo 13.767 (5.2 D)

7:26 pm. Arthur Zanetti BRA SR: Double pike to straddle planche, moved his legs a teeny bit in the position. Iron cross is lovely. Double tuck through to maltese, nice. Drops down back to iron cross. A little wobbly in the handstand, and a full-twisting double layout, comes off the rings a little low and lands with his chest down but with his feet essentially glued. 14.467 (6.0 D)

7:23 pm. Caio Souza BRA SR: Maltese, inverted hang, double pike to maltese, presses out to iron cross, very nice. Double tuck through to iron cross. Arched over a little bit in one of the handstands, and stuck the double double COLD at the end. Excellent! 14.267 (6.0 D)

7:21 pm. Diogo Soares BRA SR: Hips are hilariously high on the straddle planche. Nice handstand before his saltos through to handstand, nice control there. Another good handstand before a stuck double double dismount. The commentators are screaming.  12.967 (4.5 D)

7:15 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA SR: Maltese, drops to invert pike, up to a pike hold out to planche, inverted hang, saltos through to iron cross, nice. Straddle planche with really high hips. Good handstand in the first one, second was a little more wobbly, hit the full-in half-out double back. 13.167 (5.2 D)

7:11 pm. The bros are marching out. We also have Mexico as a team in this subdivision, and Ecuador and Uruguay competing individually.

7:09 pm. Okay, I got a much needed break! Brazilian men are about to start!


1. Yul Moldauer USA 81.767
2. Félix Dolci CAN 79.333
3. Andres Martinez COL 78.399
4. Shane Wiskus USA 77.833
5. Dilan Jimenez COL 77.601
6. Kenji Tamane CAN 77.067
7. Santiago Mayol ARG 76.634
8. Jose Martinez COL 75.867


1. United States 250.035
2. Canada 237.599
3. Colombia 233.767
4. Argentina 228.768
5. Cuba 223.568
6. Puerto Rico 222.999
7. Dominican Republic 222.799
8. Chile 220.667
9. Venezuela 216.234
10. Costa Rica 206.533

5:54 pm. Apologies to these men but I MUST take a break. I’ll be back before the next subdivision with some updates from these guys. And then to blog probably JUST Brazilian MAG in the last one because we know that’s all they’ll show. 🙂

5:40 pm. Standings are below! Individual and team qualifiers to worlds are in bold.


1. Flavia Saraiva BRA 55.399
2. Lexi Zeiss USA 54.199
3. Skye Blakely USA 52.933
4. Sydney Turner CAN 52.600
5. Kayla DiCello USA 51.967
6. Rose Woo CAN 51.667
7. Denelle Pedrick CAN 51.533
8. Brisa Carraro ARG 50.433
9. Paulina Campos MEX 49.767
10. Meline Mesropian ARG 49.300
11. Natalia Escalera MEX 49.166
12. Rocio Saucedo ARG 48.567
13. Carolyne Pedro BRA 48.501
14. Tyesha Mattis JAM 48.467
15. Valentina Pardo COL 48.100
16. Ana Karina Mendez PER 47.700
17. Antonia Marihuan CHI 47.201
18. Ginna Escobar COL 46.667
19. Milca Leon VEN 46.499
20. Franchesca Santi CHI 46.400
21. Alias Perea ECU 46.366
22. Annalise Newman-Achee TTO 46.266
23. Ahtziri Sandoval MEX 46.100
24. Franciny Morales CRC 45.900
25. Karla Navas PAN 45.700
26. Olivia Kelly BAR 44.900

TEAM STANDINGS (qualifications to Sunday’s final)

1. Brazil 161.967
2. United States 160.466
3. Canada 157.566
4. Argentina 149.932
5. Mexico 149.799
6. Colombia 143.465
7. Chile 142.468
8. Jamaica 135.368


1. Karla Navas PAN 13.333
2. Natalia Escalera MEX 13.300
3. Ahtziri Sandoval MEX 13.266
4. Denelle Pedrick CAN 13.250
5. Shallon Olsen CAN 13.150
6. Yamilet Peña DOM 12.733
7. Christal Bezerra BRA 12.666
8. Franchesca Santi CHI 12.583


1. Rebeca Andrade BRA 14.967
2. Zoe Miller USA 14.133
3. Sydney Turner CAN 13.967
4. Skye Blakely USA 13.933
5. Rose Woo CAN 13.900
6. Ahtziri Sandoval MEX 13.600
7. Flavia Saraiva BRA 13.533
8. Paulina Campos MEX 13.533


1. Flavia Saraiva BRA 14.433
2. Rebeca Andrade BRA 14.067
3. Lexi Zeiss USA 13.400
4. Sydney Turner CAN 12.767
5. Rocio Saucedo ARG 12.567
6. Olivia Kelly BAR 12.433
7. Skye Blakely USA 12.300
8. Denelle Pedrick CAN 12.233


1. Kayla DiCello USA 13.467
2. Flavia Saraiva BRA 13.333
3. Skye Blakely BRA 13.267
4. Rose Woo CAN 12.933
5. Denelle Pedrick CAN 12.933
6. Julia Soares BRA 12.533
7. Barbara Achondo CHI 12.500
8. Brisa Carraro ARG 12.367

5:38 pm. PHEW, I had to do work literally the second the (WAG, no one cares about MAG right now) meet ended so I’ve been holding y’all In suspense.

Brazil leads ahead of the United States going into the team final!

Flavia Saraiva is the all-around champion!

Karla Navas won vault, Rebeca Andrade won bars, Flavia Saraiva won beam, and Kayla DiCello won floor!

Full standings in a second!

5:22 pm. Flavia Saraiva BRA FX: Double layout, deep with a step forward. Switch full into the corner before her second pass, a double tuck, step back. Switch to tour jeté full, damn! That’s a badass leap pass. I think 1.5 to front full for her third pass, I didn’t see the entry into the beginning. Double pike, nailed it! All-around champion!!!

5:21 pm. Ava Stewart CAN UB: 13.267 (5.7 D)

5:19 pm. Julia Soares BRA FX: Lovely arabian double front, but a big step forward OOB. Tucked full-in with a small hop back. I think she went for a Memmel turn but lost it halfway through and just kind of kept spinning with her leg down. Good double pike to finish! 12.533 (5.3 D)

Mexico scaring me again on beam…11.733 (5.1 D) from Paulina Vargas and 9.567 (3.8 D) from Ahtziri Sandoval.

5:16 pm. Christal Bezerra BRA FX: Piked full-in, hop back. Whip to double tuck, bouncy landing and OOB. Double pike was deep, stood up to keep from sitting it, step back OOB. 12.033 (5.2 D)

Oof, now an 11.433 (4.2 D) from Abigail Magistrati on vault… and Rocio Saucedo finishes them up with a 12.533 (4.2 D) – not counting any scores in the 13s. But I think they should still be in a good place ahead of Colombia based on what I remember from their scoring.

5:15 pm. I haven’t looked at the team scores comparatively for fear of losing my live scores again, but now I’m worried about Argentina a little bit…so far, two 12.9s on vault. Mexico had a great comeback on vault and bars so I feel like they’ll qualify a team?

Denelle Pedrick CAN UB: 12.400 (4.6 D)

5:12 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA FX: Good arabian double front, and she also hit her second pass. Double full, some leg form. But hit. Double pike, a bit low, but also hit. 12.200 (5.0 D)

5:08 pm. I finally just lost my access to scores because there are too many people on the system. 🙂

5:04 pm. Flavia Saraiva BRA BB: Hit the mount and had a fantastic layout series! SUUUUUPERB bhs loso loso. Switch ring, big air and gorgeous. Front aerial, split ring jump, not connected. Side somi is clean. Big double pike. Beam champ? And possibly AA champ!!! 14.433

5:02 pm. Argentina on floor so far…

Abigail Magistrati 12.000 (4.8 D)
Rocio Saucedo 11.267 (4.9 D)

Canada on vault…

Denelle Pedrick 13.967 (5.0 D)
Shallon Olsen 13.733 (5.0 D)
Sydney Turner 13.033 (4.2 D)
Rose Woo 12.967 (4.2 D)

Mexico on bars…

Ahtziri Sandoval 13.600 (5.6 D)
Paulina Campos 13.533 (5.7 D)
Greys Briceño 9.200 (4.2 D)

5:00 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA BB: Switch leap to switch half to split jump, good connections. Bhs loso is clean and mostly solid, tiniest check. Front aerial, check. Switch ring, so quick I literally did not see the shape at all. Side aerial. Split ring jump, looked not quite there but whatever. Full turn with a slight check, clean jump series, double pike with a lunge back. Great day for her. 14.067 (5.8 D)

4:58 pm. Julia Soares BRA BB: I missed the first half of this. Caught it from a switch leap, missed the connection to the half after it, which was tentative and short. Double pike, rotated a bit slowly but she got a great set on that with good height, she didn’t need to be quick! Landed it really well, and far from the beam. 13.667 (5.2 D)

4:54 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA BB: Switch leap to tour jeté, a little bobble there but it was VERY pretty and had excellent amplitude on both. Bhs loso, nice extension, but too much amplitude I think, she’s still bouncing when she hits the beam and pops right off. Punch front, a little low. Double tuck with a lunge back. 11.667 (4.8 D)

4:53 pm. I think I only missed Mexico’s vault scores last rotation. Not bad!

Ahtziri Sandoval 13.700 (5.2 D)
Natalia Escalera 13.500 (4.6 D)
Paulina Campos 12.867 (4.2 D)

4:52 pm. Sorry, had to do a work thing really quickly. Touch for rotation three now!

4:47 pm. Brisa Carraro ARG BB: I wasn’t typing during one of her series but it was so gorgeous! Acro dance series down to the low beam choreo. Got the wolf turn around, switch leap to wolf jump, wolf jump full with a little bobble, clean stuck layout full dismount. 11.833 (4.8 D)

Meline Mesropian before her with an 11.467 (4.9 D)

4:46 pm. Rose Woo CAN FX: Saw the very last pose from her routine. So beautiful! 10! 12.933 (5.2 D)

Before her, Sydney Turner got a 12.833 (5.3 D).

4:44 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA UB: Maloney to stalder full to piked tkachev to Pak, lovely! To be picky, the stalder full could have been tighter in her hips. Clean van Leeuwen, beautiful handstand out of the cast from it, piked Jaeger with her knees at her nose, we love to see it, toe full was a little late, to full-in with a step! A queen. 14.967 (6.1 D)

4:43 pm. Argentina BB so far…

Rocio Saucedo 12.567 (5.1 D)
Abigail Magistrati 11.533 (4.8 D)

Canada FX so far…

Denelle Pedrick 12.933 (5.2 D)
Shallon Olsen 11.900 (4.9 D)

4:42 pm. Flávia Saraiva BRA UB: Piked Tkachev to Pak (messy legs ish), Maloney to Gienger, legs apart on both, toe full wasn’t bad, just a little rushed, blind change to front giant to double front, stumbles it back but holds it up! 13.533 (5.5 D)

4:41 pm. Apparently live scores are up and down. Naturally! It wouldn’t be a gymnastics competition if everything worked. I’ll share scores when available but if I don’t it’s because I can’t get them. 🙂

4:37 pm. Julia Soares BRA UB: Stalder full, Chow, Pak, a little loose on all three, and then VERY loose on the Maloney to orphan half, had a front giant to straddle Jaeger, nowhere near the bar, fall. Double pike dismount. 11.200 (4.2 D)

4:35 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA UB: A little messy on her Maloney to Pak, and the toe full was a bit wonky, into a van Leeuwen, which she couldn’t get close to the correct position or near the high bar. Really hard fall, ugh. Thankfully okay, blind change to straddle Jaeger caught a bit close, toe half is way short, toe-on to a high but scary close to the high bar double tuck. 11.467 (4.6 D)

4:32 pm. Mexico counted all three floor scores in the 11s…things could get tight between them and Colombia! Argentina with two 13+ scores on bars is excellent for them, and Canada could have been a bit stronger but I’m not worried about them.

4:31 pm. Ava Stewart CAN BB: Just saw the double pike dismount, which was good. 12.000 (6.0 D)

Sydney Stewart with a 12.767 (5.2 D) before her.

4:30 pm. Rocio Saucedo ARG UB: Big straddle Jaeger, missed the blind full on the first attempt, did a half then corrected her positioning then did a full, arabian dismount. 12.200 (4.8 D)

Before her, Brisa Carraro got a 13.333 (4.9 D) on bars!

4:28 pm. We just saw a bunch of random Brazilian vault replays that we’ve already seen replayed once already, and now we’re watching Argentina spray bars but we’re not actually going to see them compete bars.

4:26 pm. I like for this rotation Brazil is done with vault and the stream is like we simply aren’t going to show you the rest of the routines REGARDLESS.

4:25 pm. Sira Macias started off Argentina with a 13.033 (5.0 D) on bars! Meline Mesropian followed with a 12.933 (4.7 D).

Denelle Pedrick with a 12.233 (5.0 D) and Rose Woo with an 11.867 (5.2 D) on beam.

Paulina Campos with an 11.800 (4.4 D) and Ahtziri Sandoval with a 9.233 (4.2 D) on floor.

4:23 pm. Christal Bezerra BRA VT: FTY, form was a little loose, and she was a bit wild on the landing, back leg popped up behind her on the bounce. 12.900 (4.2 D)

She’s doing a second vault…oof, handspring front pike half, a bit chucked and low, but she crashed that in the touch and it was good on her to keep it upright here! 12.433 (4.0 D)

4:22 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA VT: DTY, absolutely gorgeous in the air, and HUGE. 14.500 (5.0 D)

Absolutely nowhere near enough separation between her score and Saraiva’s.

4:21 pm. Flávia Saraiva BRA VT: DTY, ooh, that wasn’t bad! Not a ton of power at all, and she took a step back, but it was nice in the first rotation, just lost her leg form a bit in the second. 14.100 (5.0 D)

4:20 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA VT: FTY, a little crooked, legs apart in the air, small hop to the side on the landing. 13.167 (4.2 D)

4:19 pm. Rebeca Andrade warmed up a DTY! Not sure if she’ll casually pull out an Amanar in the competition but we’ll see!

4:16 pm. The screams of JOY for Flavia doing the scariest Yurchenko timer ever, I LOVE CROWDS.

4:15 pm. We’re obviously going to be following Brazil this entire time, so I’ll try to keep you updated of all scores, as well as any other routines they decide to show! They’re starting on vault.

4:14 pm. This crowd is WILDDDD.

4:13 pm. NOW they’re marching out! Finally. I had just given up all hope.

4:12 pm. So yeah this is never starting, is it?

4:08 pm. Loving this 10 minute shot of the athletes standing there like “get away from me!”

4:06 pm. Okay, now the athletes are marching out? I feel like they keep showing the team standing somewhere and I’m like now it’s time!! Then they show them standing somewhere else and I’m like NOW! It’s time! Now they’re showing Brazil literally OUTSIDE which seems fun. Maybe now it’s time!!!

4:01 pm. This subdivision is ABSOLUTELY going to be a superspreader event. I think ALL OF BRAZIL is in the arena for their Olympic and world champion.

3:58 pm. Okay, yeah, they’re coming out in two minutes. Woooo!

3:50 pm. I think the athletes will be marching out in a couple of minutes, and then the competition probably around 4 pm ET?

3:39 pm. Should have the final rotation for WAG and the second-to-last for MAG starting shortly!

WAG: Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Mexico

MAG: Venezuela, Chile, Argentina

It’s going to be a very exciting one for WAG.


1. Yul Moldauer USA 81.767
2. Félix Dolci CAN 79.333
3. Andres Martinez COL 78.399
4. Shane Wiskus USA 77.833
5. Dilan Jimenez COL 77.601
6. Kenji Tamane CAN 77.067
7. Jose Martinez COL 75.867
8. Edward Gonzales PER 75.300
9. Jose Lopez PUR 74.799
10. Leandro Peña DOM 74.333
11. Diorges Escobar CUB 73.834
12. Andres Perez PUR 73.233
13. Audrys Nin Reyes DOM 72.533
14. Francisco Acuña CRC 71.100
15. Caleb Faulk JAM 69.566
16. Richard Atencio PAN 69.433
17. Matthew McClymont JAM 68.933
18. Andres Girón CRC 67.533
19. Chris Kaji CAN 66.133
20. Pablo Velasquez ESA 65.000


1. United States 250.035
2. Canada 237.599
3. Colombia 233.767
4. Cuba 223.568
5. Puerto Rico 222.999
6. Dominican Republic 222.799
7. Costa Rica 206.533
8. Panama 173.832
9. Jamaica 162.466

3:28 pm. Yul Moldauer USA PH: 13.200 (6.0 D)

Moldauer was the top all-arounder for the U.S. men with an 81.767, and then Wiskus was behind him with a 77.833. For Canada, Dolci had a 79.333 and Tamane had a 77.067.

3:27 pm. Canada killed it on floor!

Félix Dolci 14.100 (5.9 D)
Kenji Tamane 13.333 (5.0 D)
Chris Kaji 13.300 (5.1 D)
Jayson Rampersad 12.667 (4.8 D)

3:26 pm. Brody Malone USA PH: Oh boy 10.200 (4.5 D)

3:22 pm. Jose Lopez PUR SR: Pike hold, swings to iron cross, had another iron cross in there, to inverted hang, a little shaky getting into a straddle hold, presses it out to a shaky straddle planche as well. Muscles getting to handstand, arches over a bit there, next handstand is a little shaky but better, and a full-twisting double tuck dismount. 11.533 (4.0 D)

Shane Wiskus USA PH: 12.467 (5.5 D)

3:21 pm. Colt Walker USA PH: 12.967 (5.2 D)

3:20 pm. Pablo Perez PUR SR: I love their gray in their little costumes. He had a solid routine, capped off with a strong full-twisting double tuck dismount, just a step back. 11.667 (4.5 D)

3:18 pm. Looks like we’re going to follow Puerto Rico on rings this rotation. I wanted Canada on floor!

3:15 pm. Sorry, I just had to take a call, but am BACK! Canada counted all 12.0 range scores on high bar last rotation, with the highest just a 12.600 (4.7 D) from Kenji Tamane.

3:10 pm. Yul Moldauer USA FX: I couldn’t type for this one but he looked excellent! OOB on the second to last pass and a solid triple to finish. It was a beautiful routine! 14.367 (5.7 D)

3:07 pm. Riley Loos USA FX: Randi to start, front full to double front with a big step forward OOB. Front double full to barani was solid. 2.5 to front layout, small hop. Double full, clean landing. Triple full, strong! Small hop back. 14.167 (5.7 D)

3:04 pm. Shane Wiskus USA FX: Front double full to piked double front, doesn’t have enough air, sits it. 2.5 to tucked double front, deep landing but stands it up. Double double, chest pretty far down and a step out to the side. Clean double full. Randi with a big bounce back into the corner, heel maybe OOB? Triple full to finish, really far forward on the landing. Sadly, almost all of those landings were problematic. 11.100 (5.5 D)

3:01 pm. Colt Walker USA FX: Front full to piked double front, big step OOB. 2.5 to double front, comes in a bit low but keeps it upright! Front layout to front double full, a little lack of control there. Clean and stuck double full. Arabian double front half-out to finish, lots of power still at the end there. Bounce back. Good! 14.000 (5.9 D)

3:00 pm. Excited to see the U.S. men on floor this rotation! Would also like to see Canada on high bar.

2:58 pm. Canada’s p-bars scores!

Félix Dolci 14.000 (5.9 D)
Mathys Jalbert 13.467 (5.4 D)
Chris Kaji 12.967 (5.5 D)
Kenji Tamane 12.767 (4.5 D)

2:56 pm. I wish we were watching high bar! It seems dramatic. There’s LOTS of yelling. I think Brody Malone’s routine is just wrapping up.


Brody Malone 14.200 (6.0 D)
Shane Wiskus 13.300 (5.7 D)
Riley Loos 12.600 (5.3 D)
Yul Moldauer 11.933 (5.0 D)

2:55 pm. Pablo Perez PUR FX: I didn’t type through this one but he hit everything I saw? 2.5 at the end was kind of out of steam and he had to step forward, but otherwise the passes I saw were good. 12.000 (5.2 D)

2:49 pm. Jose Lopez PUR FX: Front double full to a kind of messy front layout. Piked double front and tucked double front after that, both solid. 1.5 to front full, little stumble. 2.5 at the end was a bit rough. 12.333 (5.2 D)

2:47 pm. I’ve been ignoring MAG in the excitement of the WAG subdivision wrapping up!

P-bars went well for the rest of the U.S. guys, with a 14.500 (6.2 D) for Colt Walker, and a 14.900 (6.4 D) for Yul Moldauer!

Puerto Rico counted all routines in the 12.0 range on high bar. We’re gonna watch them on floor now!

2:45 pm. Colombia is in a really good spot right now for the WAG worlds team spots, but the four top contenders outside of the U.S. are all coming in the final rotation, including Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina. There are five spots available for worlds with one already going to the United States, so it’s going to be a nail-biter!


1. Lexi Zeiss USA 54.199
2. Skye Blakely USA 52.933
3. Kayla DiCello USA 51.967
4. Tyesha Mattis JAM 48.467
5. Valentina Pardo COL 48.100
6. Ana Karina Mendez PER 47.700
7. Antonia Marihuan CHI 47.201
8. Ginna Escobar COL 46.667
9. Milca Leon VEN 46.499
10. Franchesca Santi CHI 46.400
11. Alais Perea ECU 46.366
12. Annalise Newman-Achee TTO 46.266
13. Franciny Morales CRC 45.900
14. Karla Navas PAN 45.700
15. Olivia Kelly BAR 44.900
16. Nicole Diaz PUR 44.800
17. Leyanet Pruna CUB 44.800
18. Alexa Grande ESA 44.700
19. Yamilet Peña DOM 44.666
20. Valeria Arraiz VEN 44.566


1. United States 160.466
2. Colombia 143.465
3. Chile 142.468
4. Jamaica 135.368
5. Cuba 134.999
6. Panama 134.132
7. Venezuela 133.532
8. Puerto Rico 133.500
9. Costa Rica 133.099
10. Dominican Republic 129.267
11. El Salvador 112.000

2:37 pm. Franchesca Santi CHI FX: Tucked full-in, very good! Hit the next pass, I didn’t see what the first part was but it was into a front layout. Strong amplitude on her leaps as well. Ooh, BIG triple full to finish! Maybe a hair under-rotated but that was excellent. Just needs more dance D. 11.000 (4.1 D)

Costa Rica’s best beam score was an 11.733 from Mariana Andrade. Unfortunately looked like Franciny Morales struggled, and she finishes with a 45.900 AA, the country’s top.

2:33 pm. Antonia Marihuan CHI FX: Double pike, nice. Hit a front layout, looked clean, and a full turn. LOVELY switch ring. Split ring leap was a little iffy in the knee form. Clean double full. Nice work! 11.400 (4.1 D)

12.633 (3.6 D) from Milca Leon is Venezuela’s top vault score, and 12.6 (4.7 D) from Valentina Pardo is Colombia’s top bars score. They had a really nice rotation there, counting all scores in the 12.0 range, and Pardo finished with a 48.100 AA!

2:31 pm. Checking in on the men!

Canada with a couple of low 13 vault scores counting, but they had a 13.733 (5.2 D) from Chris Kaji and 14.433 (5.2 D) from Félix Dolci!

So far, Brody Malone has a 14.367 (6.0 D) and Shane Wiskus has a 13.000 (6.0 D) on p-bars.

2:29 pm. Sofia Casella CHI FX: Double tuck finished pretty completely OOB, unfortunately! Hit the next pass. Switch leap to switch half. 2.5, kinda flies forward out of it. Split jump full. 10.333 (4.1 D)

2:24 pm. Barbara Achondo CHI FX: Beautiful routine. I wasn’t typing but she hit all of her tumbling lines and was just gorgeous in her dance, movement, leaps, everything. A queen. 12.500 (4.7 D)

2:23 pm. Looks like we may be following Chile on floor this rotation, which I’m excited about – I love Barbara Achondo’s routine!

2:21 pm. For WAG last rotation, here are the best event scores for each…

VT – Valenta Pardo (COL) 12.833 (4.4 D)
UB – Franciny Morales (CRC) 11.433 (4.0 D)
BB – Sofia Casella (CHI) 11.833 (4.4 D)
FX – Valeria Arraiz (VEN) 11.400 (4.4 D)

Of the competitors in this subdivision, Franciny Morales has the strongest all-around score going into the final rotation.

2:17 pm. Mathys Jalbert CAN SR: Lovely extension on the straddle planche, through to straddle hold, then pressed up to handstand. A little iffy on the press, but that was a very nice connected series overall. Tucked and piked saltos maybe went a little wonky, and he really had to muscle up the handstand out of that…full-in half-out double back dismount with a step. He’s SO small, this is definitely a struggle of an event for him, but his lines are so nice! 11.633 (4.2 D)

2:14 pm. Chris Kaji CAN SR: I caught it from the maltese to iron cross, smooth. Inverted hang down to pike, then swings up to handstand. Double pike to double tuck to iron cross, inverted hang, swings through to handstand, tiny movement in his arms, and a full-twisting double layout dismount, maybe a little piked down but I couldn’t see the angle super well. 13.700 (5.5 D)

2:11 pm. Félix Dolci CAN SR: Inverted hang to iron cross, invert pike to planche, some leg separation (slight) in his swing up to handstand, but the handstand is solid and he quickly glues them. Double pike to double tuck up to a straddle sit, presses it to a clean handstand, stuck a GORGEOUS double double! 13.633 (5.3 D)

Riley Loos USA VT: Didn’t see it, but again…the score! 14.900 (5.6 D) – great vault rotation for the U.S.!

2:10 pm. Colt Walker USA VT: Didn’t see it but the score! 14.767 (5.6 D)

2:08 pm. Kenji Tamane CAN SR: I jumped into this a bit too late so wasn’t typing but he had a solid stuck dismount!

So far on vault, it’s a 14.533 for Shane Wiskus (5.2 D, I assume kaz 1.5), and a 13.900 for Yul Moldauer (4.8 D, I assume kaz full).

2:06 pm. Going into the next rotation now!

Canada had to count a 12.000 (3.8 D) from Mathys Jalbert on pommels, FYI. Hit routine, just not a lot of D.

2:02 pm. Top UB score for Chile was 39-year-old Barbara Achondo with an 11.967 (4.4 D)!

Venezuela’s best on beam was Valeria Arraiz with 10.933 (4.4 D), Colombia’s best on floor was Valentina Pardo with 11.900 (4.9 D), and Costa Rica’s best on vault was Franciny Morales with 12.867 (4.2 D).

2:01 pm. Brody Malone USA SR: Inverted hang to maltese, really nice line. Inverted hang to maltese again, I don’t understand rings, inverted cross, dobule tuck to double pike to planche, legs wavered for a sec, opens them up into a straddle hold, then presses back to planche, that was a nice little series. Really arched in the handstand after, and slightly in the second one as well. Oof, didn’t go up into his dismount, I think it was a full-in half-out double tuck, had no chance of clearing the ground and sat it. 12.733 (5.8 D)

1:58 pm. Riley Loos USA SR: Inverted cross, down to a straddle hold then opens out to maltese, nice. Really high planche, legs maybe too high though, clean handstand, arched over on the one after it, and a solid double double dismount. 13.900 (5.7 D)

1:54 pm. Yul Moldauer USA SR: Invert pike to planche, swings through to handstand, which looked weird for sure…I don’t think that was quite right, through to maltese, down to inverted hang and then back to maltese, takes him a second to find the position. Inverted hang through to tucked then piked saltos to iron cross, opens his hands, king. Swings through to a handstand at the end, double double dismount with a tiny bounce. 13.467 (5.9 D)

Just a 10.767 (4.1 D) for Félix Dolci on PH. Followed up by a 13.133 (5.7 D) from Jayson Rampersad and 13.000 (5.2 D) from Kenji Tamane, though, so there’s hope! Puerto Rico mostly putting up solid high 13s on vault.

1:51 pm. Shane Wiskus USA SR: Planche to start, through to an invert pike, back up to maltese, Inverted hang, maltese dropped to hang, tucked and piked saltos up to a straddle hold, presses it to handstand with just a slight wiggle in his arms, handstand after that was clean and the subsequent was a little muscled, double double dismount with a small step back. 13.433 (5.5 D)

1:50 pm. I’ll keep an eye on WAG scores while we follow MAG this rotation!

1:46 pm. MAG are coming out now and I’m afraid we’re going to be forced to watch rings. They just showed a shot of them being prepped.

Oh yeah, the U.S. men are on rings and we have to suffer because of it.

1:43 pm. Nice 12.333 (4.7 D) for Milca Leon on bars! One of my most vivid memories of worlds in 2017 was watching her attempt a really difficult UB routine and fall a million times but she kept trying and I’ve loved her ever since.

Daira Lamadrid had Colombia’s top beam score with 11.433 (4.8 D), and Franciny Morales tops Costa Rica’s floor rotation with 11.667 (4.6 D).

1:39 pm. Franchesca Santi CHI VT: Crashed her DTY, ugh. She was struggling a bit in the warm-up too. It started out nice but she just didn’t have enough steam. 12.333 (5.0 D)

She’s the only one doing a second vault, it’s a tsuk full, a bit crooked off the table with a hop on the landing. 12.933 (4.4)

1:38 pm. Antonia Marihuan CHI VT: FTY, very nice! She had a pretty good stretch in the air and a clean landing. Not a ton of power but good enough. 12.967 (4.2 D)

1:37 pm. Paula Carvajal CHI VT: FTY, came in kind of low on the table but got it up high enough to get it around, a bit whippy with a step back. 12.567 (4.2 D)

1:36 pm. Sofia Casella CHI VT: Yurchenko layout with a step back, looked like her foot was OOB. The live scores are FREAKING out, whoever is updating has given her about 17 different scores so far, including a 7 and a 14. Wait for the judges to finish please! 11.567 (3.2 D)

1:35 pm. Chile’s still warming up vault so this may actually be a LONG rotation. I think multiple athletes with two vaults. They just cut to floor for one second of one routine but I wasn’t quick enough to catch it.

1:32 pm. Trying to figure out who the stream is going to follow first. It may be Chile on vault? I feel like that would be nice because (a) we’d get to see Franchesca Santi, and (b) it will be over relatively quickly and we can jump to another apparatus?

1:29 pm. Here we go!

1:27 pm. Or maybe it’s starting sooner than I thought! Women are getting ready to march out now.

1:20 pm. Here’s the stream for the next subdivision, which should start in about 10 minutes! The stream. I’d say 15-20 for the subdivision itself.

12:50 pm. For when we return, here’s who is in the third subdivision…

WAG: Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica

MAG: Canada, United States, Puerto Rico

This is going to be a much better MAG subdivision…I hope we get to see them! Though Colombian WAG are one of my bubble teams for qualifying to worlds so I’d like to see them too, plus some individuals from the other programs.

12:49 pm. Okay, my schedule said the next subdivision was at 1:30 pm in Rio which is 12:30 pm ET but now the Panam Channel stream says it’s at 2 pm (1 pm ET). Another schedule says 2:30 pm (1:30 pm ET)! Who knows. The streams are down for now so I’ll believe the streams and will be back when they are.


1. Andres Martinez COL 78.399
2. Dilan Jimenez COL 77.601
3. Jose Martinez COL 75.867
4. Edward Gonzalez PER 75.300
5. Leandro Peña DOM 74.333
6. Diorges Escobar CUB 73.834
7. Audrys Nin Reyes DOM 72.533
8. Francisco Acuña CRC 71.100
9. Caleb Faulk JAM 69.566
10. Richard Atencio PAN 69.433
11. Matthew McClymont JAM 68.933
12. Andres Girón CRC 67.533
13. Pablo Velasquez ESA 65.000
14. Francisco Ulate CRC 62.767
15. Jorge Vega López GUA 61.132
16. Mauricio Gallardo ESA 54.168
17. Sebastián Sue PAN 53.666
18. Joseph Putaturo PAN 50.733


1. Colombia 233.767
2. Cuba 223.568
3. Dominican Republic 222.799
4. Costa Rica 206.533
5. Panama 173.832
6. Jamaica 162.466

12:38 pm. On pommels, it was an 11.833 for Audrys Nin Reyes, and a 9.933 for Leandro Peña. Nin Reyes finishes with a 72.533 and Peña with a 74.333. Top all-around score from this sub goes to Edward Gonzalez with a 75.300.

12:36 pm. Edward Gonzalez PER FX: Triple full to start, then a double front. Front…double full maybe? To front layout. 1.5 to front full. 2.5 with a lunge forward at the end.

12:33 pm. Richard Atencio PAN FX: Double front with a lunge forward. Then a big double front half, heels back OOB. Back 1.5 side pass. Front layout (arched) to front full. Arabian double front, ugh, too far forward on the landing, hands down OOB. 10.100 (4.8 D)

12:31 pm. Sebastián Sue PAN FX: I didn’t see the beginning, caught up just in time for the double full side pass, which was solid. Randi had a big stumble. Sat the back 2.5 after. Sad ending. 10.900 (4.3 D)

12:28 pm. It looks like we’ll start out with Panama on floor. I like that today’s feed has an aversion to pommels, rings, and p-bars, no matter who’s doing them. GIRL, SAME!

12:23 pm. Going into the final rotation now!

12:21 pm. Edward Gonzalez PER HB: Yamawaki to stalder, lots of circle elements, stalder, double double layout dismount with a step back.

12:19 pm. Audrys Nin Reyes DOM FX: Piked double front, front full to front layout, double front with a bit of a lunge forward to control it. The way I just casually disassociate from the stuff they do that’s not tumbling, like, “this doesn’t count as part of the routine and I shan’t watch it.” Like, girl, it does count??? Pay attention! Double full side pass. 2.5 with a big step forward at the end. 12.533 (4.7 D)

12:17 pm. Wilfry Contreras DOM FX: Sat his first pass. Had a nice 2.5 to front layout. Tucked full-in with a hop back. Hit the rest. 12.233

12:14 pm. Jeordy Ramirez DOM FX: Front full to front tuck full, big full-in, 2.5 to front layout, double full on the side, solid triple full to finish. Yay! 12.200 (4.7 D)

12:11 pm. Leandro Peña DOM FX: Front layout to barani, layout side pass, double full, and a 2.5 with a biiiig step forward and a massive fight to keep it in-bounds at the end. I think his toes were out. I missed his first pass, btw. 12.733 (4.7 D)

12:07 pm. NOW we’re in the fifth rotation! I’m slowly getting my life back together.

12:04 pm. Okay, had to do work for a second and ended up missing a lot. I think we’re on the fifth rotation now?

Edward Gonzalez of Peru with a 14.1 on vault in the last rotation, and for the Dominican Republic, Leandro Peña has been killing it, all 12+ scores (rings, p-bars, high bar) and then a 14.0 on vault. He’s ahead of Audrys Nin Reys in the AA standings…he had an 11.7 SR and 11.0 PB.

Also nice to see is a 13.633 vault from Pablo Velasquez of El Salvador.

11:58 am. Gonna try to catch some of the men in this subdivision now. We’re seeing Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and El Salvador.


1. Lexi Zeiss USA 54.199
2. Skye Blakely USA 52.933
3. Kayla DiCello USA 51.967
4. Tyesha Mattis JAM 48.467
5. Ana Karina Mendez PER 47.700
6. Alais Perea ECU 46.366
7. Annalise Newman-Achee TTO 46.266
8. Karla Navas PAN 45.700
9. Olivia Kelly BAR 44.900
10. Nicole Diaz PUR 44.800
11. Leyanet Pruna CUB 44.800
12. Alexa Grande ESA 44.700
13. Yamilet Peña DOM 44.666
14. Ana Palacios GUA 44.534
15. Hilary Heron PAN 44.433
16. Valentina Brostella PAN 43.999
17. Camil Betances DOM 43.834
18. China Mattis 43.501
19. Danyella Richards JAM 43.400
20. Noelia Justiniano PUR 43.400
21. Amika Every ARU 42.766
22. Lía Díaz CUB 42.766
23. Kenny Salomon ESA 40.800
24. Ana Patricia Fuentes DOM 40.200
25. Jamilia Duffus JAM 39.366
26. Erin Pinder BAR 36.000
27. Nashely Alba DOM 35.867


1. United States 160.466
2. Jamaica 135.368
3. Cuba 134.999
4. Panama 134.132
5. Puerto Rico 133.500
6. Dominican Republic 129.267
7. El Salvador 112.000

11:47 am. Ana Palacios GUA BB: Bhs loso actually finished a little short but she pulled it back. Switch to straddle jump to wolf jump, front aerial, ugh, almost has it, but then grabs the beam and falls. Couldn’t see her dismount thanks to the camera cutting it off. Looked like maybe a double full? Some knee form in her acro into it. 10.767 (4.7 D)

11:44 am. Annalise Newman-Achee TTO BB: Wild on her wolf turn, I don’t know if it was supposed to be a double or triple, but she ended up flying off. Fell on something after that as well but I didn’t see what, flight series maybe? Hit her side aerial to split jump, side somi, 1.5 dismount with a hop forward. 10.333 (4.8 D)

11:43 am. Tyesha Mattis with a 12.867 on vault, and she finishes her day with a 48.467!

11:40 am. Isuamy Perera CUB FX: I missed the very beginning of this. 2.5 to front full, ugh, stumbles it back and sits it. Switch to tour jeté half. Double tuck, comes in a little too low, hands down. Double full with a stumble back. Very sad about her falls but she has so much potential! I need to see more of her. 8.567 (4.4 D)

11:37 am. Angelissa Ponce CUB FX: Tour jeté half, hit her first pass, I think a double front, I only saw the end. Good landing! She has power for days. Double tuck with a bounce back. Switch to switch side. Front layout full. Big Popa. Ugh, went for a double full at the end and fully just crashed it, HARD. 9.900 (

11:33 am. Lía Díaz CUB FX: Sat her arabian double front at the start. Hit the rest, including a double full at the end. 10.533 (4.6 D)

11:30 am. Leyanet Pruna CUB FX: I missed most of this but saw a kind of wild fall early on in the routine. 11.167 (4.6 D)

11:29 am. Quick check on MAG, nothing super thrilling here. Michael Reid of Jamaica with a 13.267 on p-bars is one of the highlights, as are the Dominican guys on vault (minus Audrys Nin Reyes, unfortunately…just a 12.867 for a 5.2 D vault).

11:26 am. Moving onto the fourth rotation! I have a meeting in four minutes. I’ll do my best, lol.

11:23 am. Annalise Newman-Achee TTO UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, very nice. Van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger, comes off really early for the dismount, but pulls it – a double tuck – around enough to hit it, albeit low and with a hop. 12.067 (4.9 D)

Top UB score for Dominican Republic was Yamilet Peña with 11.933 (4.6 D).

11:21 am. Tyesha Mattis with an 11.267 on floor (4.3 D).

Ana Palacios GUA UB: Shaposh doesn’t get near the lift it needs and she can’t reach the high bar, sits it kind of hard, her poor tailbone. Does it again and gets it into the bail to toe shoot, blind change to straddle Jaeger, slowly rotated but catches, clear hip, blind full, and a good double tuck dismount. 10.133 (4.2 D)

11:18 am. Angelissa Ponce CUB BB: Tour jeté, gets nice amplitude but she’s off in her footing and falls. Switch leap, front aerial (knees), great rotation on her punch front, maybe a little TOO forward though, causing her to step out of it, and then too much amplitude on her bhs loso too, and she falls again. She’s going so hard! It’s sad that it’s too much. Off again on her side aerial and a cross straddle jump half, again doing THE MOST on both. Front layout full dismount. I love seeing someone do too much more than I enjoy seeing someone do too little…but now she needs to be pulled back. 7.367 (4.8 D)

11:15 am. Isuamy Perera CUB BB: Punch front mount, stumbles out of it but saves it. Punch front after is great. Had a weird wobble in her choreo after. Bhs loso, great extension. Switch leap to switch half, little check. Korbut. Clean jump series. Front aerial, wobble into the split jump, cross split jump half with a little break, front layout full dismount. Well, a wobbly routine, but she’s GORGEOUS. 11.767 (4.4 D)

11:10 am. Leyanet Pruna CUB BB: Punch front mount, leg up but saves it. Bhs loso, splits the beam, HATE THAT FOR HER. Had a really nice leap straight into a front aerial, but then overshot her side aerial and came off. Hit a cross jump with a wobble. Back layout 1.5 dismount. 9.133 (4.6 D)

11:09 am. Lía Díaz CUB BB: Had a tour jeté, love that always, off on her bhs loso. Switch leap to switch half, that was really nice. Hit a jump series and side aerial, a little slide there, and a kind of weird front layout full, her technique on that was just bizarre. 10.600 (4.9 D)

11:08 am. Time for the third subdivision!

11:03 am. Ana Palacios GUA VT: Tsuk full, legs apart going onto the table, piked down a little at the end, small step back and as she went to salute. Looked like lots of distance from this angle. 12.767 (4.4 D)

11:02 am. Annalise Newman-Achee TTO VT: Decent FTY. 12.933 (4.2 D)

10:56 am. Tyesha Mattis finished beam just as the camera zoomed out to the shot of the full arena. Awaiting the score… 11.333 (4.9 D), not too bad!

Her sister China got an an 11.167 here (4.1 D).

Top score on vault so far this rotation is a 12.667 from Camil Betances. Yamilet Peña only got a 12.567 for her first vault, and a 12.900 for her second (she did a DTY a couple of weeks ago but looks like perhaps a Yurchenko 1.5 here based on the 4.6 D).

10:55 am. Yumila Rodríguez CUB UB: Shaposh to Pak (Bross legs!), Maloney to bail to toe shoot, both of her shaposh elements were VERY close to falls, no idea how she connected out of either! Toe half to piked Jaeger and she’s on top of the bar when it’s time to catch, catches it with her hands AND ankles but doesn’t fall. Blind full falls apart during the turn but again she keeps going. Kind of a half-hearted double tuck. 8.433 (3.6 D)

10:50 am. Lía Díaz CUB UB: Toe-on, blind change to straddle Jaeger, piked Tkachev to Pak, doesn’t release for the Pak at the correct time and kind of just flies into the low bar, legs are everywhere and hit the mat, fall. Repeats it and gets it this time, just some leg separation in the Pak, but then misses the toe shoot going back up to the high bar. Does it again and catches REALLY close, but gets it, blind full finishes kind of awkwardly. Arabian double front dismount, sits it. Oof. 8.933 (4.7 D)

10:48 am. Isuamy Perera CUB UB: Clear hip to toe-on to blind change to nice piked Jaeger! Tkachev to Pak, legs in a V, but this is very nice otherwise. Toe shoot, blind full, and a full-out, deep with a step forward. Promising! 12.633 (5.0)

10:46 am. Leyanet Pruna CUB UB: Toe shoot, clear hip, blind change to straddle Jaeger, rotated it kind of slowly but still caught, toe-on, blind full, legs come apart but she corrects, does a high double pike but then hits the mat weirdly and loses her footing, stumbles back and crashes it. What a weird fall. 11.633 (4.7 D)

10:38 am. Annalise Newman-Achee TTO FX: Double tuck, kinda punched forward on it and her back leg flew up but she got it under control and saved a fall. 2.5 landed with her feet a little crossed, took a step to control it. Front double full, big step forward OOB and her other foot follows. Does her ending pose in the OOB area. 10.933 (4.8 D)

10:36 am. Ana Palacios GUA FX: Full-in, huge, landed with her back foot OOB. Double pike was nice, little bounce back and I think her heel slid out. I missed the rest but she looked so strong and solid early on! 10.867 (4.7 D)

10:35 am. Nicole Diaz PUR BB: I saw some of this, all of what I saw was hit…front layout full dismount at the end had a big step forward. 10.300 (4.6 D)

10:33 am. I guess in the meantime I’ll share some scores? They just went back to the overview of the arena feed.

Tyesha Mattis with a 13.000 on bars (5.3 D)!!! Not bad for her first meet in five years!

10:30 am. Noelia Justiniano PUR BB: Switch leap, then the feed froze. Been a solid minute now and it’s still broken. I’ll be back when it’s fixed! 9.533 (4.0 D)

10:28 am. Lía Díaz CUB VT: FTY, a big whippy in the air, but gets the landing well enough. 12.700 (4.2 D)

10:27 am. Angelissa Ponce CUB VT: Tsuk full, but doesn’t have quite enough of a push off the table to get it around well, crashes it on her hands and knees. 11.633 (4.4 D)

10:26 am. Leyanet Pruna CUB VT: FTY, a little tentative and slow in the air, but very clean, with a step forward. 12.867 (4.2 D)

10:25 am. I just missed the first couple of routines because I thought Cuba was still warming up vault. They just had a hit from Yumila Rodríguez, who is the only one on this team that I actually know. Everyone else is brand new!

10:23 am. In this subdivision, we’ll have Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Trinidad & Tobago for WAG.


1. Andres Martinez COL 78.399
2. Dilan Jimenez COL 77.601
3. Jose Martinez COL 75.867
4. Diorges Escobar CUB 73.834
5. Francisco Acuña CRC 71.100
6. Andres Girón CRC 67.533
7. Francisco Ulate CRC 62.767
8. Jorge Vega Lopez GUA 61.132


1. Colombia 233.767
2. Cuba 223.568
3. Costa Rica 206.533

10:12 am. Okay, I’m gonna dip for a second because we have like 10 minutes until the next subdivision and I have to do some work. I’ll be back with MAG standings in a few!

10:05 am. Jorge Vega Lopez GUA PH: Short, simple, sweet. Hit routine but not much to judge. 4.600 (3.0, 5.600, -4.0 ND)

10:03 am. Andres Martinez COL FX: Was that a randi at the start? I wasn’t paying attention to the entry. Full-in to follow it up. Whip to 2.5 to front layout, ooh, that was fancy. Double full side pass. I didn’t see what the next pass was, just the end…front double full to front tuck maybe? and he finished up with a triple full, just a step back. That will be their best score. Will I be right? Omg I was. What a fun game I’ve found for myself on this 900 hour day. 13.533 (5.4 D)

10:01 am. Dilan Jimenez COL FX: Double front half, a little rushed. Triple full with a hop. Front double full with a hop forward. Double full. 2.5. Full-in with a lunge back at the end. This had more D than the last routine but I think the last routine could score higher? It was so clean! Omg I was right about a MAG observation! 12.600 (4.7 D)

9:58 am. Jose Martinez COL FX: I think just a double tuck to start? 1.5 to front tuck full after that, and then a front full to front layout. Layout full side pass. 2.5 at the end with a little hop. 12.900 (4.5 D)

9:56 am. Christopher Graff COL FX: Double front, deep but stuck! Front double full with a small hop. Had a double full at the end. I didn’t type during some in the middle there but he hit everything. 12.333 (4.3 D)

9:53 am. Going into the final MAG rotation now!

9:50 am. Jorge Vega Lopez GUA FX: Piked double front, sat it. Full-twisting double layout, big lunge back OOB. Double full side pass. Front double full to front full with a hop forward. Looks a little rushed here but glad we get to see a little of him. He had a good vault earlier based on the score. Triple full with a little step to steady it. 2.5 to finish, little skid to the side. He clapped for himself. ❤ 12.333 (5.8 D)

9:48 am. Andres Martinez COL HB: Endo half, layout Tkachev, Rybalko, he has nice flow in his front giants, but his legs were wild in a tak half. Straddle Tkachev, stalder, hop full, and a full-twisting double layout with a small hop forward. 12.900 (4.9 D)

9:45 am. Dilan Jimenez COL HB: Yamawaki to Endo half, Kovacs, good! Tak full went super crooked, but good correction, tak half, stalder, hop full, full-twisting double layout with a hop back. 12.367 (4.8 D)

9:44 am. Kristopher Bohorquez COL HB: Good start for him. He was finished before I could even start typing. But a solid way to kick off the rotation. 11.733 (4.2 D)

9:42 am. Just wrapping up the touch for Colombia on high bar! I assume that’s who we’re mainly following this rotation. I love Brazil’s inability to jump between rotation groups until one country is entirely done.

9:34 am. Colombia just finished up on p-bars, so we should be going into the fifth rotation for MAG now.

9:30 am. José Escandón CUB FX: Double double with a hop back to start. Front full to double front, ugh, sat it. Piked double front was a bit deep. 2.5 to front layout, nice there. Double full, and a full-in to finish.

9:28 am. Diorges Escobar CUB FX: I wasn’t typing during the start of his routine, but he had a couple of really strong passes, including a piked double front side pass! I think he also had a double double in there. Took a big step OOB on his last pass. 12.867 (5.9 D)

9:25 am. Going to jump into Cuban MAG on floor in just a second! The first guy who went up fell a couple of times.


1. Lexi Zeiss USA 54.199
2. Skye Blakely USA 52.933
3. Kayla DiCello USA 51.967
4. Ana Karina Mendez PER 47.700
5. Alais Perea ECU 46.366
6. Karla Navas PAN 45.700
7. Olivia Kelly BAR 44.900
8. Alexa Grande ESA 44.700
9. Hillary Heron PAN 44.433
10. Valentina Brostella PAN 43.999
11. Amika Every ARU 42.766
12. Kenny Salomon ESA 40.800
13. Erin Pinder BAR 36.000


1. United States 160.466
2. Panama 134.132
3. El Salvador 112.000

9:17 am. Women’s competition is over. I’m sticking around to actually watch the men for the next three! Will also have subdivision standings in a sec for WAG.

9:14 am. Me waiting for Olivia Kelly’s bars score to come up like “she’s gonna break a 50!” and she got a 7.167, please kill me! 4.1 D but just a 3.067 E score. Still a 44.900 AA with that.

9:10 am. Hillary Heron PAN FX: Double layout with a slight hop back, double pike, stuck on her toes. Good for her so far! Tour jeté half. 1.5 to front full, ends up a little tucked there, but hit it. Wild coming out of her double wolf turn, honestly threw her hands down to front support it which basically HAS to be a fall, I’d imagine. SAY IT’S CHOREO. Double tuck with a hop back. 11.800 (5.0 D) – yeah, I think the gave her a fall for the wolf

9:08 am. Here are the U.S. all-around scores…

Lexi Zeiss 54.199
Skye Blakely 52.933
Kayla DiCello 51.967

Alais Perea with a 46.366 is the top outside of the U.S. so far. Waiting for Olivia Kelly on bars!

9:05 am. Skye Blakely USA VT: DTY, not great off the table, and she comes up short with a big lunge forward. 13.433 (5.0 D)

9:03 am. Lexi Zeiss USA VT: DTY with a lunge back, some leg form to watch out for in the second rotation, but really strong overall! 13.933 (5.0 D)

9:02 am. Elle Mueller USA VT: Yurchenko 1.5, knees started out a little soft and progressively got weaker in the air, good landing though. 13.567 (4.6 D)

9:01 am. Kayla DiCello USA VT: Just an FTY for her, but it was very nice! 13.167 (4.2 D)

9:00 am. Olivia Kelly check-in! Got a 13.067 on vault.

8:58 am. Finally going into the final WAG rotation!

8:55 am. Karla Navas PAN BB: Bhs mount and also hit the bhs loso, very nice. Front aerial to split jump. Korbut. Switch ring with a little step forward. Side aerial, looks like she has it, but then drops off. Split ring jump. Switch leap. Hit the dismount.

8:50 am. Hillary Heron PAN BB: Oof, comes up WAY too low for the layout stepout mount and doesn’t even get a foot on the beam. She is just having the WORST day today, I am gutted for her. Bhs loso, and falls again. This is so not representative of who she is as a competitor, I hope she’s okay. Front aerial, wolf jump to sissone, side somi, cross straddle jump, double wolf turn, well she’s calmed down a bit. Switch half, big break at the hips. 1.5 with a step forward. 9.467 (4.9 D)

8:49 am. Not sure if someone for Panama was potentially injured on beam early on? They only JUST finished their second of four routines, long after floor is completely done for the U.S. Maybe judging drama?

8:47 am. Valentina Brostella PAN BB: Got to see a little of this. Overrotated a full turn, but otherwise hit from what I saw. Good 1.5 dismount! 9.900 (4.4 D)

8:45 am. Oh hey! A reminder that the men exist. They started in the second WAG rotation. A mostly unknown Cuban team did super well on vault with a couple of 14s in the mix.

Jorge Vega Lopez got a 14.5 on vault but only a 6.833 on rings. The duality of man.

Colombia off to kind of a weak start on pommels.

8:40 am. Lexi Zeiss USA FX: Great 2.5 to front pike! 1.5 to front full is also excellent. Switch to switch half. Double tuck, solid, little bounce back. She’s straight killing it today. 13.233 (5.0 D)

8:37 am. Kayla DiCello USA FX: Double layout, good landing. 1.5 to front full, leg form got a little iffy throughout. Solid double tuck. Nothing super thrilling in there, but good comeback after beam. 13.467 (5.3 D)

8:34 am. Skye Blakely USA FX: Full-twisting double layout, nice! Step back, maybe OOB. A tiny bit deep on the double layout to follow it up. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front double full, a little messy with a step forward. Switch leap full. Double tuck, some cowboy in the second flip, step back. Overall very strong! 13.267 (5.7 D)

8:31 am. Elle Mueller USA FX: Split jump full at the start. 2.5 to front tuck, little bounce into the corner. 1.5 to front full with a small hop forward. Switch leap to switch half I think, the stream kinda got weird. Double wolf turn. Double tuck, small step. Good work! 13.067 (5.0 D)

8:30 am. Wrapping up the touch warm-up for the third rotation now!

Just saw a 2.667 on floor from Fabiola Diaz of Peru…I hope she’s okay. ❤

Alais Perea of Ecuador is another big one to watch for worlds qualification. So far a 12.533 on vault and an 11.867 on floor.

8:24 am. Erin Pinder BAR FX: Had kind of a wild outing on her first pass and also came in kind of low on one later on in the routine.

Didn’t get to see Olivia Kelly’s floor but she scored a 12.233 (4.8 D). Well on her way to worlds!

8:20 am. Skye Blakely USA BB: Love her mount sequence. Wild on what I think was supposed to be a double wolf turn but she made it to 2.5? Maybe that’s what she meant. Still a bit wild. Standing full with a tiny check. Front handspring front tuck, comes into the tuck at a rough angle and doesn’t get where she needs to be, fall. Switch leap to switch half, and hit her jump series. Side aerial. Double tuck, good landing. 12.300 (5.5 D)

8:17 am. Kayla DiCello USA BB: Candle mount. Really fast in her triple wolf turn! Side aerial, tries to step through to her leap series but wobbles a bit along the way, doesn’t connect to the leaps. Front aerial. Really low in her acro on the bhs loso loso, doesn’t make it all the way around at the end and falls. Switch half. Hand down on a cross jump half. Oof. Reminder that she hasn’t competed since worlds, so this is her “getting the rust out” meet the way Winter Cup almost six months ago was for everyone else. Hit the double tuck. 11.733 (5.2 D)

8:15 am. Lexi Zeiss USA BB: Back handspring mount, bhs loso loso, some lack of extension in her knees but SUPER solid. 1.5 wolf turn. Clean side aerial. Split jump to sissone. Nice switch half. Front aerial. Double tuck, maybe a little low in her set, but she gets it around easily with just a step back. We see you, Lexi! 13.400 (5.3 D)

8:11 am. Elle Mueller USA BB: Punch front mount, solid! Love the forward roll into her low beam choreo. Double wolf turn. Punch front with a little stumble but a good save. Split jump to straddle jump. Side aerial to layout stepout, hip angle is way off on the landing and doesn’t have a chance at holding on, sadly. Switch leap. Dances out of it, then does the switch half separately. Good double tuck, basically stuck on her toes. 12.167 (5.2 D)

Just saw Hillary Heron fell on her Yurchenko 1.5 in the first rotation, and also just had lots of problems on bars. NOOOOO. I really want her to qualify to worlds, and teammate Karla Navas, too. Navas looks like she hit her FTY.

8:09 am. Moving on to the second rotation now! I’m SO excited we got to see Olivia Kelly on beam. She trains at North Stars in New Jersey (heyyyy!) qualified to U.S. elite last year, but then opted to represent Barbados internationally. Most recently, she finished 13th all-around and third on beam at level 10 nationals. She should be one of the top individuals with a worlds shot here.

8:06 am. Erin Pinder BAR BB: Bhs back tuck, a little slow and steady going into it, but nice composure. Switch leap to split jump half, not quite at 180 but very steady. Break at the hips on her full turn. Sadly off on her side aerial. Hit her jump series, a little tentative and low. Front layout dismount, some leg form and a step back. 9.333 (3.9 D)

8:03 am. Olivia Kelly BAR BB: Hit a leap at the start, then a front aerial, very nice. Cross jump and side aerial, just a little check on the latter, almost connects it to a sissone. She’s very elegant! Loveeeeely bhs loso! Switch leap to Korbut, her extension is gorgeous. Double wolf turn, beautiful. 2.5 dismount! FABULOUS! 12.433 (4.8 D)

8:00 am. Alexa Grande ESA BB: She just won a surprise beam medal at the Bolivarian Games! Excited for her. Hit the front aerial, then a bhs loso with a break at the hips. Big amplitude on the switch side, just a break there. Clean side aerial. Great side somi. Switch leap was nice. Split jump to sissone also pretty good. Layout full dismount, good landing. Great work! 11.233 (4.5 D)

7:58 am. Kenny Salomon ESA BB: Front aerial, little stumble, and a check on the side aerial as well. Back handspring into a layout full dismount. 10.067 (4.4 D)

7:55 am. Amika Every ARU FX: Double pike, nice! Front handspring to front full, some leg form and she lands it a bit deep. Tour jeté half. Double tuck. Very good work! 10.733 (4.6 D)

7:53 am. Zoe Miller USA UB: Inbar full to Chow half, inbar half to big straddle Jaeger, Downie to Pak (some leg separation there), Maloney maybe came up a little early and low but she still gets it into a Tkachev, not the cutest but good work making the connection. Also pings off a bit early for the double layout but she whips it around. A couple of moments there where I screamed internally but she’s such a pro on this event, she had no problems hitting. 14.133 (6.5 D)

7:51 am. Kayla DiCello USA UB: Stalder full to Maloney, doesn’t connect out of it. Church, a little slow on her blind change, gets it to the piked Jaeger though, Pak, van Leeuwen, clear hip, nice handstand out of it, and a near-stuck full-in. Just that post-Maloney moment that will really bite her. Other smaller things, too, but that was the glaring error. 13.600 (5.6 D)

7:49 am. Lexi Zeiss USA UB: Toe full to Pak, Maloney to Gienger, hop change to Ezhova, nice handstand before the van Leeuwen, great handstand before her giants to the full-in dismount, tiny hop. Not the most difficult-looking routine because she made it look so easy! But WOW she looks so good here!!! 13.633 (5.6 D)

7:47 am. Skye Blakely USA UB: Stalder half to piked Jaeger, nice. Ricna to Pak, some leg separation, but nice flow, toe full to van Leeuwen, blind change to front giant to double front, again some leg separation in the tucks, but that was such a calm routine. Little things throughout. 13.933 (5.6 D)

7:45 am. Touch warm-ups are underway!

7:43 am. I have a feeling this stream is going to be U.S. WAG obsessed, so everyone having heart attacks yesterday about not getting to see the juniors will be satisfied this morning. The ladies are starting on bars.

7:41 am. Athletes are marching out!

7:37 am. A reminder that today’s competition serves as the all-around and apparatus finals, as well as the qualification for Sunday’s team final.

However, today’s team standings will determine the teams that will qualify to world championships – WAG gets 5 teams and MAG gets 4. A total of 11 WAG all-arounders and 6 MAG all-arounders will also qualify to worlds today.

7:35 am. The stream I’m watching is on the Brazilian federation’s YouTube.

There should also be a Panam Sports Channel stream…it’s currently showing beach volleyball, but I think it’ll be the same content as the YouTube?

Live scores are here.

7:33 am. Judges are marching out now! Athletes should be out in the next few minutes.

7:30 am. Kicking off the blog now to get a few things out of the way, but the competition won’t start for about 10 minutes or so.

For this first subdivision, it’s…

WAG: Panama, United States, Mixed Group 4 (El Salvador, Barbados), and Mixed Group 1 (Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Aruba)

MAG: Colombia, Mixed Group 2 (Costa Rica, Guatemala), Cuba