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Matt Kessler lead the Thursday Night Tom Tucker League at Vineyards Golf Course with a 33.

Closest to the pins were recorded by Rick Mazurick on No. 12 and Matt Kessler No. 18. Skins were had by Mazurik on No. 12, Dave Ferguson on No. 14 and Kessler on Nos. 11 and 17.

Greg Haight 35, Bob Golubski 38, Dave Ferguson 38, Mike Rylowicz 39, Brian Curtis 40, Gordon Haight 41, John Chabuel 41, Steve Dando 41, Rob LeGrano 43, Vinny Piglowski 44, Ryan Golubski 44, Craig Sutton 44, Dan Lewis 44, Chris Koko 45, Ricky Bauza 45, Josh Casey 45, Bill Bailey 45


Steve Dando and Greg Haight both shot 35s to lead the Tom Tucker Memorial League at Vineyards Golf Course.

A skin was earned by Dando on No. 7. Closest to pins were John Chabuel on No. 5 and Greg Haight on No. 9.

Tim Wozniak 38, Brian Curtis 39, Matt Kessler 39, Ryan Golubski 39, Steve Dudek 40, John Chabuel 40, Bob Golubski 42, Craig Sutton 42, Rob LeGrano 42, Chris Koko 43, Gordy Haight 44, Jerry Jusko 44, Ricky Bauza 44, Glenn Mann 44, Rick Mazurick 44, Tim Cave 45


WESTFIELD — Amy North’s scratch 46 led the Par Tee Girls League at Pinehurst Golf Club.

North and Trudy Gollnitz led the net scores with 31s.

Lynn Stetson hit the longest drive at No. 1.

Scratch: Trudy Gollnitz 47, Lynn Stetson 49, Donna Dixon 49, Brooke Calkins 49, Patti Petrella 50, Maria Persch 50

Net: Donna Dixon 33, Patti Petrella 35, Brooke Calkins 36, Lynn Stetson 37, Maria Persh 37


WESTFIELD — Amy North’s 49 paced the Tuesday Night Women’s League at Pinehurst Golf Club.

Paige Alford and Kim Raynor led with net 28s.

Sue Wagner won the prize hole at No. 7.

Scratch: Kim Underwood 50, Carolyn Rawlinson 51, Lynn Stetson 51, Trudy Gollnitz 52, Marcy Casler 52, Jill Muck 52, Paige Alford 52, Kim Raynor 53

Net: Marcy Casler 31, Amy North 33, Carolyn Rawlinson 33, Trudy Gollnitz 33, Jill Muck 34, Kim Underwood 35, Lynn Stetson 36


Brian and Anita Luce teamed up with Rick and Sarah Kirchenwitz to shoot a 30 and win the four-person scramble during the Friday Evening Couples League at Vineyards Golf Course.

George and Pam Allessi teamed up with Jon and Julie Ortendahl to finish second with a 32. In third place was the team of Chris and Priscilla Penfold, playing with Pam and Phil Maslak to shoot a 34.

George Allessi was closest to the pin with his second shot and converted a birdie.


Josh Harrington won the scratch championship at the Ronald Kubera Memorial Moniuszko Club Tournament hosted by Shorewood Country Club.

Dean Ringler won the Dave Grabias Flight followed by Jeff Kubera and Adam Gornikiewicz.

Rick Bellando led the Hank Krystofik Flight followed by Ken Drummond and Jim Korzeniewski.

The Frank Berger Flight was won by Ray Deland followed by Don Maytas and Gary VandeVelde.

Pat Parisi won the Muzzy Tofil Flight ahead of Tom Destro and Pat Weaver.

Skins were earned by Gornikiewicz at Nos. 2 and 12 as well as Harrington at No. 5 and Ringler at No. 14.

Senior skins were earned by Parisi at Nos. 11 and 18, Destro at No. 4 and Weaver at No. 15.

Closest to the pin honors went to Destro at No. 4, Frank Bramer at No. 6, Ringler at No. 15 and Doug Grace at No. 17.


CHAUTAUQUA — Shelly Cady’s 46 paced the Monday Night Ladies League at Chautauqua Golf Club.

Robin Kayner 48, Jody Lehman 48, Marygrace Guarino 49, Lorie Zentz 50, Amy Martin 52, Donna Dixon 53, Jen Garrett 53, Beth Sacilowski 54, Jen Stanton 54, Julie Harle 54, Pam Secky 54


Tim Kesparek led the A Flight with a 33 while Gary Hazelton, Dave Criscione, Phil Hopkins, Mike Crise and Bob Patterson all had 42s to lead the B Flight during the Monday Night Utility Golf League at Vineyards Golf Course.

Skins in the A Flight were earned by Kesparek at No. 8 and Chad Bradigan at No. 4. In addition, Bill Anderson eagled No. 3.

In the B Flight, skins were earned by Hopkins at No. 9, Patterson at No. 2, Lee Szalkowski at No. 7 and Tim Wozniak at No. 6.

Hopkins was closest to the pin at No. 5 and Hazelton was closest at No. 9.

Dan Wolfe converted a double-eagle (albatross) last week on No. 6.

A Flight: Mike Willoughby 37, Charlie Reinhardt 37, Bob Golubski 37, Jeff Nelson 38, Phil Maslak 39, Bill Cochrane 39, Scott Hazelton 39


CASSADAGA — Steve Wintersteen birdied No. 1 and finished with a 34 to lead the Integrated Benefits Solutions Tuesday Night Men’s League at Cassadaga Country Club.

Scott Jagoda was closest to the pin at No. 6.

Tim Bulger 36, Scott Jagoda 37, Matt Wallace 37, Dawson Bird 38, Mike Botticello 38, Mike Hoffman 38, Scott Johnson 39, Mike Lancaster 39, Brenton Wilcox 39


CASSADAGA — Tim Bulger’s 34 led the Monday Night Men’s League at Cassadaga Country Club.

Adam Meyers recorded the low net score.

Doug Sterling was closest to the pin at No. 6 and Brad Blizzard birdied No. 5.

Adam Meyers 38, Bob Warsitz 40, Brad Blizzard 41, Kerry Murphy 41, Bill Shaw 41, Randy Butts 42, Mike Nichols 42

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