Forget the Presidents Cup, How About LIV Golf vs. the PGA Tour in Match Play?

The best ideas usually are the ones that never see the light of day. They make too much sense, cost too much money or turn into political footballs, and when it comes to tossing around the pigskin, no sport lumbers with more lethargy or less remorse than pro golf.

Consider the Presidents Cup, a gathering of such minimal significance that the PGA Tour hasn’t bothered to move it out of the fall, rendering it incapable of perpetuating interest amid the whirl of NFL madness. Of course, the event itself is a shameless Ryder Cup knockoff, a pale mimic staged for commercial gain instead of national honor. Beyond its alarming lack of originality, there’s something terribly gauche about swiping a fellow organization’s flagship property, stinkbombing it with logos, then acting like the game probably couldn’t survive without such ingenuity.

Welcome to the inaugural clash between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour—the showdown everybody’s been talking about for months. It’s the Defectors vs. the Objectors, an updated version of Kiawah Island’s memorable War by the Shore back in 1991. This one shapes up as another terrific battle absolutely oozing with ill will, which is why we’re expecting huge crowds all week and millions more watching at home. So find a seat, folks, and fasten your safety belts. We could be in for quite a ride!