Young people from Palmeiras enchant Europe

After two consecutive Libertadores championships, the Palmeiras’ professional squad is on honeymoon with the fans, and the same can be said about the club’s future. Endrick and Luis Guilherme, two major surprises in Brazilian football who wear the alviverde jersey, graced the front pages of the Spanish daily Marca.

The two strikers who starred in the inaugural Copinha championship in January have now advanced to higher levels, leading the Brazilian Under-17 Team to the top of the podium at the famous Montaigu Tournament in France.

Furthermore, Argentina were defeated in the verdict. Both players, who are 15 and 16, respectively, are making waves in the football world.

Young players from Palmeiras are “star projects” for Spanish newspaper

“Marca” released an article on the two sportsmen a few days before the final. According to the publication, Luis Guilherme and Endrick are two “star projects” from Palmeiras, one of the country’s most prestigious junior categories.

The interest from European football is not new, but it is growing as a result of their outstanding accomplishments at the national level and while wearing the Brazilian team’s jersey. True, the two are still under the age of 18, but they might be the next generation of Brazilians to succeed on the continent.

Endrick, the sensation of the Copinha

Endrick, Copinha’s best player, is just 15 years old and will sign his first professional deal in July, when he becomes 16 years old. But all eyes are on his future, and many supporters were hoping to see him in the Club World Cup in February.

Abel Ferreira has been cautious and has yet to make his professional debut, but clubs like as Real Madrid are already interested in signing him. Vini Jr’s achievement and Rodrygo’s expansion, both of which cost €45 million, are fantastic news.

Endrick had already piqued attention in European football, according to “Marca,” but his performances in 2022 reignited it. That is, after he reaches the age of 18, his future may take him away from Sao Paulo.

Luis Guilherme yields comparisons with stars

Although Luis Guilherme did not create as much noise as his Palmeiras colleague, the Spanish daily lauded the athlete. The contrast with other players, notably a Brazilian who made history in Europe and with the national team, was the highlight.

“He is compared to the best Rivaldo by the most seasoned experts. Others like Dembele’s verticality and talent with both legs “, adds the newspaper, referring to the 16-year-old prospect who has spent five years with the Sao Paulo club.

“Marca” remembers that the striker has been known by Europe’s major powers since he was 13 years old, and that they have received frequent updates on his performance. The list of those who are interested in his football is enormous, including Manchester City, Liverpool, Barcelona, and Real Madrid.

The duo commanded the title of the Brazilian Under-17 National Team

For the second time in their existence, the Brazilian Under-17 Team won the Montaigu Tournament on the 18th. With a 2-1 win against Argentina, the championship was won in style. Endrick and Luis Guilherme scored the goals with precision.

Throughout the campaign, the Palmeiras players impressed. Endrick had the most goals with five, while Luis had three. Brazil had been without a championship for 38 years, and the outcome reinforced the great period of disclosures.

Interest is high, but Endrick and Luis Guilherme should stay at Palmeiras

Palmeiras supporters are dismayed by the foreign attention, since they want to see the pair republished among the pros. It’s difficult to see the two of them staying at the club for a long time, but they still have lots of possibilities ahead of them.

The two will defend the Sao Paulo team until they reach 18 in 2024. They can only move to Europe after that date, but it does not guarantee they won’t be sold before then.

As a result, Endrick and Luis Guilherme have all they need to succeed with Palmeiras and win championships among adults in the next years. At the same time, the Brazilian club now have two fresh players for the future.