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We all know that sprint speed makes a whole lot of difference in the field. That’s why fast players must always capitalise on their momentum to keep the ball rolling (literally). And it’s not just players and their coaches who agonise over such speeds. If you pore through the top rated betting sites, it becomes clear that bookies also keep an eye on player stats.

They adjust their odds based on the latest statistics, ensuring that their betting markets reflect the same. So, what can you expect when it comes to Chelsea? Let’s answer a long-debated question – just who is the fastest player at Chelsea?

The Fastest Player in Chelsea

When Kai Havertz was put to the task of naming the fastest player in the team, he was torn between two players – Timo Werner and Antonio Rudiger. At first, it might seem confusing that he could not choose one. But he was quick to explain his position.

According to Kai, Timo has the fastest acceleration for the first few sprints. That means that if it’s a matter of seconds, Timo is the best person for the job. But when it comes to fast pace over a longer distance, Kai noted that Antonio was the faster player. So, let’s look at what each player has to offer:

Antonio Rudiger

Antonio, a German national, plays as a centre-back for Chelsea. He also plays for the German national team. He joined Chelsea back in 2017 from Roma on a five-year deal and scored his first goal for the team in the EFL Cup in 2017.

As of 10th March 2022, his sprint speed was set at 84 with an acceleration of 67, agility of 56, and reactions at 83. Thus, he is quite an asset to the team as far as movements go. His defence skills are also top-notch, with an awareness of 87, a stand tackle of 86, and a slide tackle of 83.

Photo by Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

Timo Werner

Timo is also a German national who plays in the German national team. He also serves as a forward in Chelsea. He joined the club in 2020 on a five-year contract and scored his first goal for the team the same year in a match against Tottenham Hotspur.

The same year, he scored his first premier league goal and assisted Kai Havertz in a draw against Southampton. And in October that year, he scored his first Champions League goal in penalty.

So, how does he compare to Antonio? Timo has a sprint speed of 89 with an acceleration of 93, making him the much faster player of the two. He also boasts agility at 82, reactions at 87, and a balance of 76. When it comes to defence, Antonio is a much better player. Timo has an awareness of 39, a stand tackle of 20, and a slide tackle of 19.

So, who’s faster? We agree with Kai. When it comes to short sprints, Timo will win. But if the question related to much longer sprints, Antonio would emerge the winner. They are both great players in their rights, and the added speed is a bonus to Chelsea.


Is Speed Important?

You could be reading this and wondering why anyone would care about the fastest player on the field. But in football (or soccer), speed is more than just about running around the field at a fast pace. It’s about the ability to maintain that full pace for the entire game. And that’s the challenge that most players face. Speed comes in handy in:

◉ Handling the ball: Forwards, full-backs, and even midfielders must be fast on their feet to do a good job. That does not mean that they must run at incredible speeds. But they must pick up the speed even when dribbling to ensure the ball gets to the right point without the opponent taking it from them. For example, Timo, a forward, must master the art of dribbling and running to ensure he can outwit the defence.

◉ Handling the opponents: Players must also learn to be fast on the field to separate themselves from the opponents. A player must move quickly to get past the full backs and the centre-backs. And for the defence team to be any good, it must move in line or even faster than the winger to prevent them from getting past them. For example, Antonio has no choice but to move fast to keep offensive players from making runs past him. And if they pass through, he must run fast enough to catch up with them and take possession of the ball.

We should also add that speed also encompasses endurance. Some players have quick acceleration but poor endurance. And this gives the opponents the chance to step in and take over the ball. Thus, players must stick to their pace till the end. Now that you know all this, who is the fastest Chelsea player of the two, according to you?


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