Tottenham Hotspur: Fans react to latest news from Supporters’ Trust


Tottenham Hotspur fans on Twitter have been responding to the latest news to emerge concerning the north London club. 

This comes after the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust shared a post on its Twitter page revealing that they have asked the club for a meeting “to explain its strategy”.

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In an article from their website, they specified that they have asked for a meeting with the club’s executive board “to discuss both the short and long-term strategic vision for the football club”.

This post then grabbed the attention of a lot of Tottenham fans, who were not shy in sharing their thoughts on the situation.

So, what did these Spurs fans have to say in response to this latest news?

“This is heating up.”


“Great news! Well done and thank you. I, for one, cannot continue to watch the negative spiral the club is on without explanation from those in charge of what they are going to do about it.”


“This needs to happen. 20 years and 1 League Cup”


“Good news. They need to be held to account for the lack of direction. I hope they front up and accept the offer”


Should be interesting


“I want to see Levy challenged. What was the strategy when ENIC came in and why 20 years later the football is as dire as when they started.”


Looking at the replies to this post, it seems as though the majority of these Spurs fans think it’s a good idea for the Supporters’ Trust to ask for a meeting with the executive board at Tottenham to clarify the current situation the club is in and what the short and long-term strategic vision is there.

Do you think this is a good idea?





Given how there have been fan protests against the ownership at Spurs in previous months and the fact that the team have lost their three previous Premier League fixtures, conceding three goals in each of them, it does seem like a good time for the board to open communication with the fans about the current state of the club.

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