“Throwback to when Harry Kane was a wrestler in the 90s” – When fans spotted England Football Captain Harry Kane in a 90s WWE Wrestling Match

A photo shared on Twitter left fans speculating that they had spotted Harry Kane in a 90s WWE Wrestling Match. 

In 2019, a viral photo left all the football and wrestling fans wondering whether they had spotted Harry Kane in a ’90s WWE match. The photo saw England Football Captain Harry Kane’s doppelganger showing up in a vintage WWE photo sporting a mustache and singlet. 

Eric Collins is the spitting image of England Football Captain Harry Kane

The wrestler who seemed to resemble England Football Captain Harry Kane had his name going viral on Twitter thanks to the post shared by Wrestling Memes. Although the photo was shared just as a meme on social media, it caught the eye of fans everywhere. In the photo, England Striker’s doppelganger was seen in a vintage WWE photo sporting a mustache and singlet. 

Initially, it was shared by a Twitter account named Wrestling Memes with a caption:

“Harry Kane is my favorite wrestler from the 80s”. 

The post went viral and got more than 1,500 likes and received almost 600 retweets.

Fans were left in stitches by Harry Kane’s resemblance, and the tweeted photo got a great response.

The photo was posted as a meme and was received in the same manner. Some took to the internet to record their observations and comment opinions. It seemed that WWE fans were convinced that they had spotted Harry Kane in a 90s wrestling match appearing under the name “Eric Collins”.

One fan commented: “is that his dad?” while another added, “Harry Kane, he pins when he wants.”

While some wrote, “that is brilliant”, others seemed to be convinced by the photo and commented, “that gotta be Harry Kane.

Again in 2021, a Twitter account named ’90’s WWE’ posted the picture again. The time the post got more likes and retweets.

Even Harry Kane has previously talked about watching WWE when he was a kid. The Tottenham star is also compared to The Undertaker’s brother Kane. 

What was the actual source of the photograph? 

According to Profightdb (an online archive of wrestling matches), the photo was a screenshot from WWF Superstars Of Wrestling. The screenshot is from an April 8, 1992 match that saw Eric Collins and Mike Freedom facing The Beverly Brothers.

Collins has faced legends like The Undertaker, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Razor Ramon. Since he was defeated by Ramon in 1994, fans have not seen Collins in the wrestling ring. Although he never won, Eric Collins wrestled some high-profile matches on WWE.

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