‘The end of an era’: Rangers fans at Ibrox pay tribute to the Queen following her death


People gathered at Ibrox on Friday, bringing flowers and pictures, to remember Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

Brian Wilson placed a picture at the stadium to commemorate the monarch on behalf of the Stumps bar in Partick.

The wooden frame, which he put down near the Copeland Road Stand, was made especially for the occasion.

The National:

Walter Wilson, 56, from Glasgow’s west end, arrived to reflect on the news.

He said: “When you get to that age, maybe you are expecting it but the Queen deserves gratitude from the nation and heartfelt condolences from everybody, all around the world but especially here, at this club.

“She was a person that was always there, in my lifetime, if you can picture your mother or mammy, who just seems to last forever, that is the shock people are feeling right now.

“There is not much you can say, she served 70 years as a duty and service to the country.

“This is the first in my lifetime that I have seen newscasters wearing black and that is why I came here today, to be in silence for a bit.”

The National:

James Smith, 82, from Knightswood: “Since her husband’s death, it has just been the Queen.

“Most of my family are Rangers supporters and we have we had this connection.

“I used to be a piper and we played for The Queen in Edinburgh in 1972, I also went down to London for the Queen Mother’s funeral and I was photographed with her as she was passing by in her car.

“She has been a constant in my life, this is the end of an era.

“I don’t think there will be another world leader to last as long as our Queen did, so God bless her.”

The National:

Paul MacWhirter, 51, Tollcross: “I am here to pay my respects to the Queen, I think everybody in Britain, Glasgow, the whole of the world is a bit upset right now.

“I can feel a bit of comfort here, at Ibrox, because it brings back a lot of memories.

“I have been a Rangers fan since I was born, they call it the Queen’s 11, so I am here to pay my respects.”

The National:

Jean and Jim Haddow, 81 and 82, who lived in Glasgow for 50 years, visited the stadium to pay their respects.

The couple now live in England, but Jim is a Rangers fan who always feels at home in Glasgow.

Jean said: “We knew that she hasn’t been well for a while but even then, it was a shock.

Jim added: “The Queen has been my queen all these years, throughout my life, it is very sad and I feel bad for King Charles.”



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