Newcastle United: Fans flock to latest CAT claim


A lot of Newcastle United fans have taken to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the latest claim to emerge from their ongoing CAT hearing. 

It was claimed on Twitter that during the public hearing on Wednesday, the Premier League’s representatives threatened to exclude the Tyneside club from the league.

Are you confident on the takeover happening?




Wednesday began the CAT hearing between the Premier League and Mike Ashley as the Toon’s owner looked for damages following his belief the league had rejected the proposed Saudi-based takeover offer.

Toon fans flocked to Twitter as they shared their amazement at the claims being made by the Premier League on Wednesday in the public hearing.

What did these fans have to say?

“Super League fine, Newcastle takeover? Nooo bad!”

Bullying tactics by @premierleague disgusting”

“And still no media outlet reporting on this. Scandalous”

“Yes. Almost word for word. Staggering.”

“Outrageous, pure and simple”

“They are worried if they are coming out with talk like that. Who do they think they are the Costa Nostra.”

It was reported Ashley was looking for damages worth in the region of £10m from the Premier League which had been calculated through other offers received for the Tyneside club.

Following the proposed European Super League debacle earlier in the year, it seems this claim has not gone down well at all with these Toon fans who feel a sense of irony about the comment.

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