Michigan State Football Coach Mel Tucker Takes Winning Ways Digital with First-Ever NFT Series

EAST LANSING, Mich., Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Michigan State Football is taking their on-field success into the digital realm, minting and dropping a series of limited edition NFTs (non-fungible tokens) featuring coach Mel Tucker in partnership with NFT marketing agency Lambert Global and fan and loyalty platform TiiCKER. The NFTuck™ series represents the first major conference football coach to be featured in a NFT campaign and includes digital tokens that give fans certified ownership of physical and virtual assets as well as gated access for experiences, all of which can be purchased, stored and sold online.

The NFTuck assets feature exclusive experiences, digital images and animations, and limited-edition coins. (www.SpartyNFT.com) The NFTuck series, dropping today to coincide with the first day of practice for the Michigan State Spartans, will include three different NFTs for Spartan fans to choose from: the Bowl Championship Ring NFT, Tuck Shoe NFT, and Tuck Coin NFT. Each of the NFTs will be available in extremely limited quantities on the NFT exchange Rarible, perfect for the MSU fan looking for an exclusive collectible or gift. www.Rarible.com/NFTuck

Just 37 of the Bowl Championship Ring NFT will be available, reflecting Michigan State’s score in its victory over rival University of Michigan as commemorated on the side of the Peach Bowl® ring. The Tuck Shoe NFT will include just 50 of this signature item and animation. The Limited Edition and one-of-one Tuck Coin NFT will come with a digital image and a free, commemorative physical coin minted with your unique number between 1-99, recognizing the jersey number of Spartan greats and players of today.

In addition to the NFTs themselves, NFTuck collectors will get exclusive perks such as access to Coach Tucker (@Coach_mtucker) in-season via private video/chat channels exclusive only to NFT holders and on-field access to practice during the 2022 season. One hundred percent of the profits from sales of NFTuck will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan for their Tackle Football and Cheer leagues.

“We’re training our student athletes to see the next play before it happens, on the field and in life, and winning in the virtual world is what’s next,” said Coach Mel Tucker (Tii:TUCK), who joined the Spartans as Head Coach in 2020 and who last year led the team to a Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl victory and top-10 ranking nationally, while sweeping Big Ten Coach of the Year awards from both his fellow coaches and the media.

NFTuck is a first-in-the-nation NFT drop for a coach and team. Lambert and TiiCKER are also working with Michigan State and Coach Tucker to build an in-house NFT Program for Spartan football that will be a student-athlete-first platform and unique among all NFT and NIL programs in Division 1 athletics.

“The culture and track record that Coach Tuck is building at MSU is magnetic, and his drive for innovation both in the game and out is just adding to the momentum. He’s also about delivering for his student-athletes and MSU fans, and while other programs talk about NFTs, Coach did it,” said Jeff Lambert (Tii:JEFE), CEO and Founder of TiiCKER, a shareholder loyalty platform that connects investors with perks for owning stock. Jeff is also an MSU grad and member of the MSU Varsity Club for current and former student-athletes.

NFTs are digital contracts that use blockchains – the same technology behind digital currencies – to prove ownership of a particular digital asset, like an image or a GIF. That means collectors of the NFTucks will be the only owners of these digital keepsakes and can show them off or trade them on all major NFT exchanges. NFTs have a strong following with a market that grew to $40 billion in 2021.

About NFTuck™
NFTuck is a collaboration of Michigan State Football (MSUFootball @MSU_Football), MSU Head Football Coach Mel Tucker (@Coach_mtucker), national PR and integrated marketing firm Lambert Global (Lambert @lambertglobal), and shareholder loyalty platform TiiCKER (TiiCKER.com @tiickerperks). For more information on the NFTuck project, visit SpartyNFT.com.

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