Mauro Icardi Galatasaray transfer: Here is the latest news

However, the French media gave the good news. Mauro Icardi and his wife Wanda Nara agreed with the yellow-reds; / Mauro Icardi Galatasaray transfer

The house they will stay in, even their daughter’s school has become clear. Although there are small financial differences between the clubs, it has been reported that the star football player will be in Istanbul in two days.

In this operation, which is a candidate to be the transfer of the year in many respects, the parties scrutinize it closely. From the image rights of the actor to the house where he will stay, from the school where his children will attend, to the vehicle to be allocated to the family, not even the slightest detail is overlooked.

Icardi’s wife, Wanda Nara, is at the center of the process. French media wrote that Icardi is expected to be in Istanbul to sign in the next 48 hours.

PSG says half to half

Despite these positive developments, the clubs have not yet agreed on one issue. Salary sharing negotiations between PSG and Galatasaray continue. Cimbom wants to give a maximum of 3.4 million Euros to the Argentine star who won 8.5 million Euros from the French giant. PSG, on the other hand, is demanding half the salary. The difference of approximately 1 million Euros extends the process. The yellow-red people are trying to add a purchase clause to the rental contract.

L’EQUIPE: Icardi Rejected Fenerbahce

The French press states that the partnership between Galatasaray and Icardi is now signed. Prestigious sports newspaper L’Equipe claimed that Fenerbahçe, which stepped in at the last moment for Icardi, received a refusal. It was claimed that Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç and technical boss Jorge Jesus had dinner with PSG President Nasır al-Halifi and PSG Sporting Director Luis Campos in the Bosphorus.

Villa rented in Bebek for Mauro Icardi

It was learned that Galatasaray had rented an ultra-luxury villa in Bebek (One of the most expensive districts of Istanbul) for star football player Mauro Icardi, who shook hands the other day but was waiting for PSG’s approval for his transfer.

Galatasaray, which has been trying to tie Mauro Icardi from PSG for about a month, has now entered the last corner.

With the end of the transfer period in the leagues of England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, the Argentine football player got closer to Galatasaray. Icardi, not getting the offers he expected from the big leagues of Europe, Icardi turned the route to Turkey.

Galatasaray management has made great efforts in the last month to convince Icardi.

Wanda Nara, the wife and manager of the football player, was brought to Istanbul. Hosted in a luxury hotel in Kuruçeşme, worth 33 thousand TL per night, Nara was introduced to the beauties of the city and the villas that could be allocated to them in case of the transfer were shown….

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