Graffiti removed from Liverpool murals after being defaced prior to Merseyside derby – Liverpool FC


Prior to the Merseyside derby a number of Liverpool murals were defaced with offensive and racist graffiti, which has now been removed as the work to restore the tributes continues.

In the lead-up to Saturday’s match, news of various murals being defaced spread across social media and both Liverpool and Everton later released a joint statement on the matter.

The two clubs have said they are to work alongside Merseyside Police to find those responsible for the abhorrent graffiti.

Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold‘s murals on Sybil Road were abhorrently defaced, as too Mo Salah‘s and the tribute to Ian St John and Roger Hunt, art pieces that have meaning beyond the image itself.

On Sunday, artist MurWalls removed all graffiti from the murals and restored Henderson’s tribute, having been the original artist responsible, an act that has been widely appreciated.

Liverpool fan Courtney Neary provided the updates on Twitter, explaining that the rest of the murals will be fully restored when the artists responsible are able to do so.

There were fears that the tribute to St John and Hunt would be irreparable but the work to remove the graffiti was done without delay, it will mean the world to many.

Liverpool and Everton‘s joint statement on the matter, released after the derby, said:

“Both Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs jointly condemn the defacing of buildings and murals ahead of the Merseyside derby.

“Racist and offensive graffiti has been daubed across multiple sites in north Liverpool this morning around Anfield and Goodison.

“Both clubs will work together with Merseyside Police and will support the investigation in finding those responsible. Hate has no place in football.

“Together, Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs and their supporters will continue in representing our city in the fight against all forms of discrimination.”

The work to remove the graffiti was shown plenty of love from fans:


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