Ghana’s Local Leagues: Can we do better please?

Here is my take on Ghana’s Division One and Premier League, as new PR to soccer on field.

There are some mysteries and dark moments I will never forget in my life following Ghana soccer for the first time.

Traveling every weekend and sometimes midweek was tiring but enjoyable kind courtesy President of Tema Youth; Wilfred Osei Kweku Palmer, who gave me the chance to join his team for this adventure.

My candid observations? Here, below!

The Ghanaian league lacks sponsorship for the past two years and it quite shocking after producing quality players who last won the African Cup for us about 40 years ago.

Bad and or shambled pitches do not make a league game free flowing after visiting most matches centers across the country.

Tiny and unhygienic dressing rooms with no place of convenience with players having no option than to use the bush near by or keep it till they get home.

Bad Matchday programs ahead of the games with most home fans threatening to beat referees if they lose a game by human error. (Is it BAD match day or BAN match day?)

The most shocking of all was when a steward who was supposed to protect a player, he got kicked in the rib while heading out to warm up. I was terrified because (not cos pls) it’s my first time seeing that; baffled me whether pen such emotions into this note, alas, I’m still confused and perturbed. The steward who is suppose to protect is punching.

The funniest moment I witnessed was when fans mocked the match Commissioner about his over sized jacket he always wore to Match-days; sarcastically, he laughed it off himself and promise to wear a ‘better’ one.

I saw exciting new players through the length and breath of this country and if the GFA make things available for the development of the player I’m (not am pls) pretty sure a Ghanaian can win the most prestigious prize in world football.

Not to shy away from my ‘little’ experiences as a new and growing PR, some journeys were short while others quite remote. Can’t take the fact that a way it was really enjoyable and can’t wait for the season to start again on September 30th 2022.

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