Filmmaker ridiculed for Celtic series Scots call “worst thing they’ve seen”


AN AMERICAN filmmaker has been ridiculed online after fundraising for a new Celtic series that Scots have described as the “worst thing they’ve ever seen”. 

Director Michael Kingsbury has come under fire on Twitter this week after his proposed show, “Celtics”, was ridiculed for its “sufficiently laughable” errors. 

Kingsbury’s “director’s introduction” to the proposed series was slated for its accents in the clip, with many believing the acting was so bad it must be satire.

The director has been roasted online for the mistakes in the Celtic series.

His Kickstarter fundraiser was set up in July this year but was deemed unsuccessful last week after raising £12,000 and failing to reach its £74,000 goal.

Scots have been poking fun at the fundraising video after Twitter user @chizmund mocked the series in an edited video clip.

Sharing the video to Twitter on Monday, the shocked viewer wrote: “Lord, grant me the confidence of an Irish-American independent filmmaker.” 

As well as highlighting the pronunciation errors of Kingsury’s Gaelic, the video also highlights other flaws, including inconsistencies in actors’ accents and actors forgetting their lines.

The video also plays fun on the bizarre items offered in return for users’ donations towards the fundraiser. 

On offer in return for donations towards the series are a “Celtic Druids wizard hat”, a “Druid walking staff” and a suspicious looking black “Druid hood”.

The post has now collected over 2,700 likes and hundreds of comments and retweets from viewers who were mortified by the video. 

@mopeyfeels said: “This has to be some next level satire at the expense of Irish-Americans. 

“Laughing my a** off at the guy talking about Celtic tribes and spoke like a stereotypical Native American in a movie, like the actor just heard the word tribe and thought of an old cowboy & Indian film he’d seen.”

@brenton_realph wrote: “I thought it was a legit series. Then I became certain it was a p**s take. Now I am not sure. I am scared and confused.”

@Mappermick replied: “This is a monumental wind-up, isn’t it? I mean… it can’t be real! It’s not a serious attempt at portraying the ‘Celtics’ at all is it?’

Actor from the Celtic series in costume
The clip features characters from the Celtic series.

@amonsterd commented: “That’s pretty extraordinary. After 36 years in the film industry, it’s safely and by far the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

@georgina_paddy added: “Genuinely thought this was a comedy video, yikes.”

@frobishersaunt said: “Is this an elaborate joke? Seriously, I can’t tell. Too much parody and craziness around these days.”

Many Gaelic speaking viewers have also claimed that the @Celtic_Films Twitter account has preemptively blocked their accounts following ridicule. 

Kingsbury has advertised the show on Kickstarter to help raise funds for his project, writing: “This is an independent series on the Celtic Druids as they resisted the Roman Empire invasion with its censorship, slavery, and traitor Romano Briton collaborators. We have a brilliant cast of actors bringing it to life. 

“A controversial and cutting edge alternative view of the Celtic Druids. Diving deep into the true core spirits, thinking, and emotions of the Druids.” 


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