England football news: Furious backlash as FA launches inclusive Three Lions badge | UK | News

Earlier this week the English FA launched a new national badge, featuring a cub, lion and lioness. It was introduced as part of a complete redesign of the Football Association’s grassroots initiative. However, the move provoked a fierce backlash from outraged fans, with some dismissing it as “PC nonsense.”

Mr Grimes took to social media to express his disgust at the FA’s actions.

He posted on Twitter: “Oh, honestly, this stuff is sodding cartoon.

“Nobody at all was offended by the Three Lions.

“Nobody at all was calling for the logo to be changed.

“What next? We add in another 100 lions to give the nod to the panoply of 2021’s new genders and sexualities?”

The FA attempted to explain the reasoning behind the change, while emphasising that the men and women’s national teams will still have the old crest on their shirts.

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One person commented: “Wearing an England shirt has symbolized the wrong things for too long.

“Hoping we can one day, get it to represent diversity, inclusivity, and pride.

“Much like the men’s and women’s teams of today. Anything to help bring change. We are here for.”