Arnold slams Abeiku Santana; calls him ‘hypocrite and fan fooler for Shatta Wale”” Pulse Ghana

Speaking on Okay FM during his drive-time radio show, Abeiku said “Shatta Wale has released a song but DJs are not playing them, entertainment pundits are not discussing it. However, when he goes wayward, you discuss it on your shows“.

Trashing Abeiku’s claim, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo whilst making a submission on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, today, 7th July 2022, said he was appalled by Abeiku Santana’s remarks.

Santana is wrong on this very score. You’re in this industry, when ‘On God’ was released, how many DJs didn’t play the song? They’re still playing. How many pundits did not pass commentaries on that song? When I made my post, the song had not blown,” Arnold said.

He continue that Abeiku Santana’s remarks on the subject are “weak and wobbly”, adding that the radio presenter is being hypocritical and a fan fooler who can not call Shatta Wale to order.

He acted as a big fan fooler for Shatta Wale,” said Arnold. “This same Shatta Wale over the years, what has been his perception, commentary about pundits, DJs? His most recent comment was that pundits have nothing better doing. He doesn’t even recognize that domain, there is no regard for what we do. So, all these years that this guy has been debasing pundits, where was Santana?

“You said nothing but today, you’re here making noise, fan fooling yourself. It’s noise and he’s being a big hypocrite on this score,” Arnold emphasized.

He concluded that “now, it’s all about the numbers. If your focus is on numbers, you’ll still go to that subject matter that would give you the impressions. If it’s not just for numbers, then it’s nonsensical. He’s only being a fan fooler. What he said has no weight.”