America’s actions prove UK MP wrong over Abramovich – Talk Chelsea


You can say and claim what you want about Roman Abramovich, I am not here to argue anything. But one thing looks clear to me, and that is a certain MPs claims of Roman Abramovich lying, is ironically looking to be, a lie.

Abramovich announced through his people that he was helping conduct peace talks between the Ukraine and Russia, which one British MP in particular claimed was a lie.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bryant appears to be the one ‘lying’ here. Shock, horror, an MP lying.

As reported below by The Wall Street Journal, The U.S. hasn’t sanctioned Abramovich because Ukraine’s President Zelensky said he’s acting as a go-between in peace talks with Russia.

Incredible, it’s almost as if Abramovich wasn’t lying and he is actually trying to advocate peace on the war in the Ukraine. Imagine that. Doesn’t quite suit the narrative though, does it? That’s the Ukraine President reportedly saying Abramovich is conducting peace talks. So, is that a Ukrainian lie, Bryant?

If Abramovich has been funding the war, then why is he involved in peace talks for the same war he has funded?? I’m not an expert here, and I am not claiming he hasn’t done anything wrong. I am merely asking some questions and providing some information that you won’t see on mainstream media, and I wonder why?

But hey, at least it made it look like the Government were actually doing something about the war hey? Great work. Stopping Chelsea selling matchday tickets is really going to stop a war…


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