Agenda 111: Nana Addo committed to complete healthcare investment in Ghana’s history – NPP man

Agenda 111 aims at constructing 111 hospitals made up of 88 district hospitals, six regional hospitals, three psychiatric hospitals, and refurbishment of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for the country.

Paul Amaning said the project had gone through various stages following its announcement by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in March 2020.

These stages he said included dealing with issues like feasibility studies, land acquisition, land preparation, documentation, and resolution of land disputes, as well as mobilisation of contract fees.

He noted that so far construction works on 111hospitals had started following full acquisition of lands and clearance by the Ministry of Finance.

“Some contractors have moved to the site while a few have started actual work and are at nascent stages. The duration for the contract is 18 months, all things being equal,” he said on Accra-based Kingdom FM.

According to him, the President had a serious interest in the project and would make sure that the projects were executed on time.

Touching on other projects, Paul Amaning said the government had not abandoned any health facilities started by the previous regime.

“Those who are saying that show us just one hospital you have built, here we are; we have done a lot in two years. We shall complete many projects in spite of the stiff challenge and difficulties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic,” he emphasised.

He recounted the impediments introduced by the disease that had affected the world economic order and politics, including the US and China.

“If in the midst of this pandemic the government has done this entire health infrastructure, then we need to praise the President,” he concluded.