Why are they still allowed?

Slot machines are used for gambling. They are mostly found in casinos, among other casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and. Slot machines can also be found in some other places, including airports, hotels, clubs, bars, and pubs. There are online slot machine games, too, which can be found on the internet. Online slots like www.ukonlineslots.com have brought a plot of improvement to slot games.

One of these improvements includes developing more slot machines with fascinating symbols. Some slot games are even movie-themed or designed based on TV shows. Others involve using attractive things like fluffy kittens as symbols or symbols that could attract children to the game. These can pass off as child-friendly slot machine games.

What are child-friendly slot machine games

Slot machines games are generally meant for gambling, and it is aimed at adults, same as other things that come with age restrictions like drinking and smoking. A child friendly slot machine does not mean it is a machine specially made for children to gamble on. Children are easily getting influenced, and slot machine games are addictive, making it unsuitable for children to play. There are a few things that can mark a slot machine game as child friendly, these include:

  •       Use of child-appealing images: Slots designed with images that can appeal to children are seen as child friendly. Such images include kittens or cuddly toys. The development of more themed slots has also aided the rise of child friendly slot machines.
  •       Use of cartoony characters: Children might think slot machine games with such overtly cartoony characters are meant for them. This might make children interested in such games when they come across them online.
  •       Lack of detailed adverts: The way some slots are advised can confuse children to think that the game is for them. Such adverts are usually not fully detailed that it is aimed at adult, and the focus is placed more on the characters of the game.

Why are they still allowed?

Child friendly Slot machine games are not still allowed. Some slot machine games that appear to be are sometimes banned by the gaming regulatory bodies. Slot machines are not meant for children majorly because it involves gambling. This is why different restrictions have been put in place to prevent children from playing online slots. These include:

  •       Age limit: It is part of the rules that a player must be 18years or above to play online slots.
  •       Show proof of identity: To verify a player’s age, proof of identity is required in casinos. Online slot games also require that you upload a document to very the details you input. A passport or driver’s license could be used.
  •       Penalty for players caught: Such players will not be able to access any of their winnings, and sometimes they can even be fined, or such an account can be suspended.
  •       Penalty for the slot developers: The developers of such slot machine games can be banned, face game removal, or get fined.

Examples of child friendly slot that got banned

  •       Hansel and Gretel
  •       Red Riding Hood
  •       Fairies Forest

  Slot developers should not produce child friendly slots since their users are adults. Children can innocently stumble across such slots online and fall for them.