Racing And Gantoise Reduce The Gap At The Top Of The Competition

At the end of a double weekend that started on Friday evening, the 19th day of the ION Hockey League, played on Sunday, had the effect of tightening the leading positions even more, three days before the end of the regular phase of the championship.


Antwerp is now guaranteed to go down to Division 1, everything remains to be done in this championship given the results recorded during this 19th day. Starting with Braxgata and Louvain who still dream of getting a place in the last four.

Beerschot Leopold: 4-4.There was suspense on the side of Kontich with a full, committed and exciting match between 2 teams with very different objectives. The people of Brussels want to finish the regular competition in the lead to validate the first EHL ticket while the people of Antwerp will have to work hard to ensure their maintenance in the honor division. And it was the local team who took the lead via 2 goals from François Sior (including a penalty). In the 22nd minute, Arthur Verdussen finally sounded the revolt for the Ucclois but Sior, decidedly well inspired this afternoon, scored the hat-trick on pc When he returned from the locker room, Leo took the initiative and Max Plennevaux struck twice (38th and 51st). The Bee did not give up and regained the advantage on a stroke converted by Arthur De Sloover. The leader of the competition wanted to avoid a 6th setback and it was Dylan Englebert who got his team out of this bad situation when there were still 7 minutes to play in the game. The Ucclois then threw all their forces into the battle to bring back the 3 points but the Mauve et Blanc held on and collected a good point for their rescue mission which will have to continue during the delicate trip to Racing next Sunday.

RacingWaterloo Ducks: 3-2.The people of Brussels have certainly succeeded in one of the good operations of this Sunday, in the division of honor. A 3-2 success against Waterloo Ducks which could certainly have been wider if Racing had not lost the thread of the match a little during the second period. Before that, Craig Fulton’s men had perfectly negotiated their performance of the day, leading 3-0 at the break after goals from Achille De Chaffoy and Tanguy Cosyns (2 including a penalty). During these first 35 minutes, the Brabançons were apathetic and in total lack of inspiration. In the second half, the Ucclois then lost, little by little, their superb and let the visitors regain their feelings. In the 41st minute, Victor Charlet gave hope to his people and the opportunities were many more numerous. Then it was the captain, Gauthier Boccard, who struck (58th) and who put Racing under pressure. But in front of their supporters, the Rats kept their calm and played with control to avoid being caught at the scoreboard.

Ghent – ​​Orée: 3-1.After the flattering victory, Friday evening of Leopold, the Flandriens wanted to set the record straight to stay in the top 4. This offered an exciting duel against a team from Orée who wants to avoid getting mixed up , one way or another to the struggle for maintenance. It was in the second half, and in just 5 minutes, that the Gantois turned the game around with goals from Charles Masson (39th), Thibault Deplus, following from pc (40th) and Antoine Kina, from the penalty spot (44th). Eliot Curty reduced the gap for the Brussels team in stride (46th) but the local team perfectly controlled the end of the game.

Another defeat for the defending champions

Dragons Braxgata: 4-5.The weeks follow each other and look alike for the defending champions who suffered their third defeat since the winter break and who seem to be struggling to find a second wind since the resumption. Nelson Onana took only 60 seconds to find the opening and demonstrated the visitors’ desire to carry out a good operation, in Brasschaat. But the Dragons reacted and passed thanks to Max Luyten and Nicolas Della Torre (from the penalty spot). However, the joy was short-lived among the supporters since Christophe Adriaensen put all these little people equal in stride. It was then Loïck Luypaert who restored the lead to Brax on pc After the break, the Argentinian Nicolas Della Torre managed the double. Maxime Loots scored number 4 for the visitors (49′) but Florent van Aubel corrected the shot for the locals (60′). But Ben Walker allowed Braxgata to remain undefeated in 2022 (4 wins in 5 games and 2 line-up matches to go). Philippe Goldberg’s men are therefore still well in the race for the playoffs but they will now have to play 4 games in just 12 days. The Dragons, too, will be able to waste more to avoid missing the last four.

Leuven Daring: 5-4.Molenbeekois can harbor regrets after this trip to Heverlee. They were joined when they led twice in the score by an opponent who signs, by the way, his 6th meeting without defeat. The scorers of the day: Pilou Maraite (2 stroke), Sam Lane (pc), Sean Murray, and Pere Divorra for the Universitaires; Thomas Leffler, Geoffroy Cosyns, Daniel Bell and Benjamin Marque for the people of Brussels. With 3 points ahead of Beerschot, Daring currently occupies the place of play-off.

Antwerp Herakles: 1-5.The calculations were simple for the people of Antwerp. They had to win during the visit of Herakles to continue dreaming of maintaining. But the Lierrois did not give them the slightest chance during a meeting mainly dominated by visitors. Corey Weyer was the first to strike from the penalty spot (18th). Nicolas De Kerpel doubled his team’s lead just before the break, on a penalty rebound. The Red Lions player offered himself a double on the return from the locker room before Jeff De Winter allowed the locals to still believe in a possible return (41st). But Corey Weyer, from the penalty spot (56th), then Nicolas De Kerpel, again him (67th), punctuated the good performance of Herakles which is still, indeed, in the race for a place in the semi-finals.