Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is 1 of the most ubiquitous types of wintry sport that is performed on ice. In the game, 2 commands monitor a puck with a wand and toss it into the gate of another team.

This type of wintry sport is represented in the Olympic Games and also considered a professional sport. Online casinos are not considered a type of sport but still are mostly beloved by humans and to bet on them they regularly use their Woo Casino login.

Although it is commonly named hockey in Europe and North America, it is called ice hockey in several regions.

The first modern version of ice hockey was witnessed by Canadians when it was played during the 1870s in Canada. Some of the game’s key elements were still incorporated such as the puck usage as well as the ice rink length.

The Stanley Cup, which is the crucial prize of ice hockey, was presented in 1892 for the 1st time.

Although females have been performing ice hockey from its beginning onward, it was not until the 1980s that the sport gained widespread popularity.

It is believed that ice hockey was 1st developed from the ball and wand games that were performed in various countries during the 1700s and 1800s.

Shinny and ice polo also were represented in North America as other types of wintry sports.

Amid the 1800s, the game bandy was performed in England for the 1st time, which had been arisen from the Middle Ages onward and, later on, was widely spread.

Even soldiers from the British Forces to play this game arrived in North America during the mid-time of the 20th century.


Owing to the full-contact nature of the game, all participants must wear protecting equipment. These include helmets, shoulder pads, and various other pieces of equipment.

Goalkeepers also attire defensive equipment to prevent them from getting injured while playing the game.

Aside from these, the referees of the game also wear defensive equipment such as blocking gloves and knee pads.

The skates applied for ice hockey are made for the provision of the most rapid and maneuverable possible acceleration. They also have to be durable enough to keep the player safe from getting hit by other skaters and the ice.

The overall shape and rigidity of a team members’ skates can also help to improve their mobility as well as different factors such as the width and longitude of their skates blade can also affect the quality of the game.