Belgium: Honour Divison Top 4 Fight Heats Up

Leopold, Waterloo Ducks and Racing have taken a big step towards the playoffs even if no one is yet guaranteed to be mathematically in the last four. At the bottom of the ranking, Beerschot should accompany Antwerp in D1.Article reserved for subscribers


Leopold – Leuven: 2-2.

After an unexciting first period and finally few real possibilities for the 2 teams with the exception of a few pc but above all a remarkable intervention by James Carr on a recovery from Max Plennevaux, the second period offered more chances but also opportunities. intensity between 2 teams still fighting to validate their place in the last four. It was finally necessary to wait until the 41st minute to witness the opener on a magnificent personal effort from Max Plennevaux. The reaction of the visitors was not long in coming and the Academics took charge of the operation. And it was on a penalty phase that Ricardo Santana deservedly equalized for the Brabançons (57th). Sharing did not help either of the 2 teams and no one was therefore ready to be satisfied with the result. And in the 66th minute, Pilou Maraite offered the advantage to his team after a somewhat confusing phase. But, less than 60 seconds later, the Leo got a stroke after a push on Arthur Verdussen in the circle. Louvain claimed but Tom Boon took charge of the conversion and scored, in passing, his 40th goal of the season.

Waterloo Duck–Antwerp: 7-1. 

The Brabançons did not leave the slightest chance to their opponents of the day, already guaranteed to switch to Division 1 next season. They showed themselves applied during the 70 minutes and they continued to offer their game even if the victory was won for them after 9 minutes of play after the goals of Tommy Willems, Victor Charlet (on penalty) and William Ghislain. Before the break, Guillaume Van Marcke and Tommy Willems further increased the bill. The Antwerpers were overwhelmed in all areas of play even if he saved the honor via Antonin Igau (42nd). Emile Esquelin then Victor Charlet, who scored a double on pc allowed their team to win a 10th success and take another step towards the playoff semi-finals.

Racing – Beerschot: 5-1.

After their success against Watducks last Sunday, the Ucclois had to confirm their ambitions to play in the playoffs against Antwerpers in very bad shape 2 days before the end of regular competition. But from the start of the debates, Racing showed itself to be well inspired and put pressure on its opponent to take the lead. Tanguy Coysns offered himself a hat-trick in 11 minutes (including 2 pc). In the 20th minute, Alexis Cayphas drove the point home a little more after a penalty. The Brussels striker then scored number 5 3 minutes from time before Roman Duvekot saved the honor for the Bee before the final whistle. The Antwerpers are not yet mathematically descendants but it would take almost a miracle for them not to accompany Antwerp in D1 next season.

Daring – Ghent: 3-1. 

The people of Brussels took a big step in the fight to stay by winning a great success against Flanders who never found the solution to come back on their opponent of the day who was leading 2-0 after 24 minutes of play following 2 pc converted by Daniel Bell. The Ghents were nevertheless at the maneuver but they lacked precision in the last gesture. In the 41st minute, the South African even offered himself a hat-trick and further complicated the task of protected by Pascal Kina. Jack Waller reduced the gap, 5 minutes later, but the visitors could not control their nerves and the refereeing duo released 2 yellow cards for the Gantoise. The end of the match was tense but the score did not move.

Edge – Dragons: 3-1. 

After announcing on Thursday evening that Xavier De Greve would no longer be at the head of the Brussels club next season, Orée needed points to leave the danger zone and move away from the play-off place. For their part, the Belgian champions wanted to sign a success to stay in contact with the candidates for the semi-finals. But it is the local club that has finally regained victory after 3 consecutive losses by offering a solid and well-organized defensive block. The scorers of the day: Maximilien Branicki (15th), Timothée Clément, on penalty phase (40th), and Tomi Domene, on stroke (67th). The Antwerpers saved their honour at the last minute on a penalty.

Braxgata-Herakles: 1-1. 

Here is a division which really does not suit anyone and which should prevent the 2 clubs from competing in the semi-finals of the competition. Even if the meeting was most pleasant to follow for the neutral spectators, it was in the last 7 minutes that the 2 goals finally fell. And it was the local team who scored the first goal via Ben Walker. But the Lierrois did not give up and equalized on the wire, on penalty, via Nicolas De Kerpel. The Brax will play, Friday evening, an alignment meeting, against Louvain, which could allow him to remain, in a good position, at the gates of the Top 4 and to continue to dream of a place in the playoffs.