World Veterans Nominations – Round 2

The AFF is excited to announce an additional round of nominations for selection to the 2022 World Veteran Championships have been opened for any fencers that missed the first round. This round is open for a short period, closing at 23:59 on Sunday 4th September. Four (4) fencers in each age group, 50-59, 60-69, 70+, are able to selected as per the Selection policy (Available Here) based on any positions still available after the initial round, and will be based on the Australian Veteran Rankings as of the 22nd August.

Current selections for the team event will be retained, with any fencers selected in this round, who nominated they are available for the team event, may be selected where a spot is available. Selection for the team’s event will be as per the Selection policy. With two (2) fencers from each age group being selected as per their order in the Australian rankings.

Cost recovery – World Veterans

The AFF works on a cost recovery basis for all representative tours. It does not make a profit from the tours, and it is not possible to provide exact estimates of costs prior to travel (due to last-minute changes and external matters).  The process for invoicing fencing tours is outlined HERE.

Participants on the tour share costs associated with running the tour. For this tour, athletes will be charged as follows:

  • A deposit on the Tour Levy of $250.00 for each entry at time of nomination.

This amount will contribute to individual and team entries only, administration costs, and associated other costs. For clarity, it does not include the cost of travel, accommodation, or meals.  Travel, accommodation, and meals will be up to the individual fencer to arrange and manage.

Fencers that are not selected will be refunded the deposit in full.

A reconciliation will be undertaken post the event with refunds provided as required based on individual and team entries.

Nominations can be made via Register Now.