Equipment Refurbishment Program, from USA Fencing and Absolute Fencing, Empowers Fencers to Donate Gently Used Gear to Clubs in Under-Resourced Areas

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A lack of quality fencing equipment should never be a barrier to someone stepping onto the strip.

A new long-term partnership between USA Fencing and Absolute Fencing Gear aims to remove that barrier for scores of current and future fencers.

The Equipment Refurbishment Program encourages fencers to donate gently used gear while attending national tournaments, beginning with the October NAC in Minneapolis. Absolute Fencing will then refurbish that gear and deliver it to individuals and clubs that need it — prioritizing those fencers in under-resourced areas.

The goal, says USA Fencing CEO Phil Andrews, is to promote USA Fencing’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive fencing culture by expanding access to our sport.

“USA Fencing’s renewed commitment to decreasing the barriers to enjoy our great sport continues with the invaluable assistance of Absolute Fencing to make quality equipment available to those who otherwise may not have the opportunity to enjoy fencing,” Andrews says. “We cannot thank Absolute Fencing enough for their commitment to this program. Without them, it simply would not be possible.”

Here’s how the program works: USA Fencing will collect equipment at all national events (including Super Junior Cadet Circuits). Attendees will see a table for the program, and can donate their lightly used equipment to the person stationed there. 

Once these items are collected and inventoried, Absolute Fencing will receive the donations to be refurbished and issued back out to the community. Individuals and clubs will be able to make requests for equipment using steps that will soon be outlined on the USA Fencing website.

Gary Lu, president of Absolute Fencing, says his company is pleased and honored to support this program.

“This important endeavor helps fencers, coaches and clubs build our sport and provides equipment to those who need it the most,” he says. “This is just another way in which Absolute is fulfilling its commitment to giving back to fencing and ensuring everyone can participate in it at all levels.”