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Following on from the Goalkeeper watchlist article, I have opted to skip defenders as Niall is covering that area so well. I’ll still include a defenders poll at the end so I can compile the new Watchlist Tab though.

One of the beauties of the sky game is how the midfielder scoring works, making defensive midfielders a viable option (if you’re not sure how the bonus points work, be sure to check out this link). So, while I’m pretty settled on my frontline and defence, I haven’t even got one midfielder slot nailed down! Nevertheless, here are a few that keep cropping up near the top of my list though:


Already highlighted in my captaincy ramblings article, the diminutive Brazilian is a firm fantasy favourite of mine and, facing a decent set of opening fixtures (wat, CPL & ARS), has made most of my drafts to date. Priced fairly at 11.3, the Liverpool maestro is a MOTM darling who racked up 9 last time out (joint top overall) and came in with 231 total points (6th in the overall rankings, despite missing 10 games). The only slight worry comes from the wealth of quality attacking players at Liverpool, including Mane, Firmino and new boy Salah, who will all be vying for minutes, the limelight and those crucial MOTM awards.

Points per start last season: 8.3

Verdict: 9/10 proven quality


Bonus point King Henderson offers another great option at Liverpool. Racking up a bonus point every 27 minutes – thats 8 minutes faster than anyone last season – the Merseyside skipper is priced well at 9.8 and looks set to be churning out the points from the off.

Points per start last season: 6.1

Verdict: 7.5/10 solid option


I really like Pogba as an option. He’s pretty much the only midfielder who realistically offers potential returns from all of the following: tackling bonus, passing bonus, shots bonus, MOTM awards, assists and goals. With so many routes for him to rack up the points and United’s easy opening schedule he will be hard to ignore. Will he make my initial squad? Maybe. Priced highly at 11.2, he still represents a bit of a punt and has tough competition for a place with only one of him and Coutinho likely to make the final cut. With Lukaku favourite to take armband duties for those looking to captain a United asset, he could be seen as a luxury rather than a must have.

Points per start last season: 5.6

Verdict: 7.5/10 will be tough to ignore!


Well priced at 9.3 and with decent fixtures, that include Huddersfield and Swansea at home in the first three, has seen Saha sneak onto a few of my early drafts. The flying winger tends to catch the eye, racking up 7 MOTM awards last time out. With new manager De Boer also saying that he plans to build the squad around Zaha, he could be on for a very good season.

Points per start last season: 5.4

Verdict: 8/10 


This Swiss tough tackler clearly has potential to rival Henderson for Bonus. Priced over 1 million cheaper at 8.7 he could turn out to be one of the key players this season. Alongside racking up the bonus, he also has an outside shot of MOTM and the odd attacking points (2 goals, 2 assists last time out). The main worry here is Xhaka’s temperament, having racked up 2 red and 5 yellow cards during his opening season.

Points per start last season: 5

Verdict: 8/10 could well make the cut


With bonus, goals, assists and the odd MOTM thrown in the spaniard is a Sky Fantasy Football beast and built for the game. With the highest points per start that I have calculated at an astonishing 10.5 (granted he only 13 starts), he could be fantasy gold and criminally underpriced at 9.4. The problem is, will he start? Only Conte will know for sure and, unless things become clearer before kick off, he represents a big gamble as everyone knows how important it is to have guaranteed starters. With Hazard likely to be out though, he may find a place Conte’s team… and mine.

Points per start last season: 10.5

Verdict: 8/10 firmly on my watchlist


Averaging 2.3 tackles (3 needed for bonus) and 68 passes (60 needed for bonus) in the championship, the Australian might just be able to provide a steady trickle of bonus points. Priced at 7.5 he offers potential for those looking to save the pennies. My slight concern is that Huddersfield are unlikely to have as much possession, so those 68 average passes will drop. On the other hand, tackles could rise.

Verdict: 7/10 tempting for those on a budget

The Midfielder Watchlist Poll

So many options and I’m sure I have missed a few obvious ones. If someone on your watchlist isn’t on here, add it to the list!


Defender Watchlist Poll

Lots of options here as well. These are all the ones on my current watchlist:

Cedric, Ward, Dawson, Daniels, Stephens, Trippier, Malone and Hefele

Again, feel free to add your own answer


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