Printable cheat sheets? – Fantasy Football

1 hour ago, HowboutthemCowboys said:

So now that we got that settled….the huddles cheat sheets don’t have tiers ?


@Big John


As I recall from year’s past, there are no tiers as the cheatsheets are custom to each leagues scoring system. In order to accurately make tiers, you need to be able to assess not only scoring system, but also league size and lineup requirements. If the tiers are simply preset to a certain count, which is what the vast majority of other sites do when presenting tiers (usually without having custom scoring or league settings), then they are near meaningless.

As I recall, the Huddle cheatsheets do list projected fantasy points – pretty simple for one to look through that and look for the natural tier breaks – not as simple to program a database to find those, as it is unique to each league.