EPL Fantasy Football 2022 Tips

8:18am Apr 25 2022

We are at the homestretch of the EPL Fantasy Football 21/22 season.

It has been a long run, and we learned what works and what doesn’t first-hand. A lot of managers ask, how can I do well in FPL?

We have compiled this sheet of EPL Fantasy Football 2022 tips to enable you to dominate the mini-leagues. Certainly, anyone can create an FPL team. But only the best can top the rankings, and Vwin sportsbook wants you to be among the elites of FPL.

1. Spread out Your Budget

At the start of every season, an FPL manager is handed £100 million. Your job as a manager is to ensure you allocate resources accordingly by buying premium assets and mid and low-budget picks. You must be careful not to deplete all of your bankrolls.

Leave £1-3 for making transfers because you will need them. Spread your budget in at least one premium asset in each position, then buy prodigies. You can buy Salah, Kane, and Recce James for the midfield, striker, and defender positions, respectively, and then a low-budget goalkeeper like Ryan Sanchez.

2. Statistics and Trends Are Your Friends

There is a wealth of data available for players from OptaJoe and Sofascore. A question that divides the FPL community is, “Are fixtures more important than trends?” Before the season began, we wouldn’t have answered that.

Statistics and trends are your friends when it comes to picking your players. If a player has decent form, retain him despite the tough run of fixtures he faces. You’ll thank us for it. A catch to this method is that players who consistently deliver are always premium assets. Therefore, it means you will have to splurge on some positions and neglect others, which is highly risky when the player blanks.

3. If You Can’t Beat Them, Copy Them

You always have access to the top teams in your mini-leagues. A devious method is to use your competitors’ team as your template. Remember, copy, and you die. You should use the team’s information to curate yours.

When using the tactic, focus on the wildcard players and promising players. Most likely, your competitor has done the research for you before incorporating the player into their team. 

4. The Commentators’ Curse (Scouts’ Curse) is real

FPL has a scout’s section that analyzes the ones to watch and potential big hitters. However, almost all the time, the players blank, and others eke out dire performances that negate your game week tally.

I use an unconventional strategy to check out the scouted players, their form, and fixtures and avoid them altogether. There’s a slight caveat. Sometimes the players perform, and it will leave you cursing. 

A sure way to drive up your rankings is to avoid the big hitter they recommend for the game week. But you can bring in the scout’s differential to your time. Works every time.

5. Give the Armband to Salah

There are some unwritten rules in FPL. One of them is to give the captaincy to Salah when the season begins and don’t change it unless he isn’t playing. Why Salah?

Salah takes Liverpool’s penalties, some free kicks, and corners and has a killer of a left foot second only to Messi. Salah delivers even in the tough fixtures against the top six teams in the PL.

In the same book of unwritten rules, we have “Antonio is good when fit,” “Mason Mount will play,” and “Mahrez is good when he starts.” Live by these rules or die by these rules—your pick.


FPL 2022 continues to follow the same success factors, albeit on a different plane. You would run away with the mini-league in the preceding leagues by building your team with the big hitters on day one. But with COVID and cutthroat competition, ooh, and the dreaded Pep roulette, you don’t have it easy. 

EPL Fantasy football 2022 tips continue to transform FPL pariahs into aces. We will keep you updated on more tips as we wind down the league. Let us know: who will win the league between Liverpool and Manchester City?