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First off, DK Metcalf is no lock to be traded. Know that before we proceed. However, his current draft and trade-for value bakes in all the risk if he stays in Seattle and doesn’t have a strong passer tossing him the rock in 2022. However, at his current trade and draft value (3-4 round), he has monster appeal if he lands with the Cheifs, Packers or Browns (or other). See if you can acquire him at 3-4 round value and hit a home run if traded.

What are the odds of him getting traded? I’d say pretty good. In fact, out of all 4 of the disgruntled WRs looking to get new deals this current off-season (Metcalf, AJ Brown, Terry McLaurin, Deebo Samuel), I feel that Metcalf is the most likely to get shipped off because the Seahawks are blowing it all up. With DK commanding a new deal, why pay top dollar on a new deal when you have no one throwing him the football. If the Seahawks are going to start over at the QB position, they might as well start over with a rookie WR as well. McLaurin is the next likely WR to be traded, as Washington is in a similar spot. Honestly, I think Deebo is the most likely to request a trade first (in the coming days or weeks), but his team, the 49ers, isn’t as likely to deal him as the Commanders are or the Seahawks are with DK and McLaurin.

Predictions: AJ Brown gets a new deal in TEN very, very soon… they are in win now mode and don’t want AJB unhappy. TEN will be smart… DK gets traded soon (GB, CLE or KC maybe)?… Deebo requests a trade first, but doesn’t get traded or at least not before DK; McLaurin has a shot at getting traded (GB, CLE or KC maybe).