2022/23 Fixture Difficulty Cheatsheet

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Fixture Difficulty cheat sheet.

3 VERSIONS FOR 2022/23!

💥 ATTACKERS 💥 How attacking players match up against defenders.

💥 DEFENDERS 💥 How defensive players match up against attackers.

💥 ORIGINAL 💥 Quickly identify problem fixtures or an easy run of games.


Attackers cheatsheet.

Choose the “ATTACKERS” cheatsheet to see how your attackers match up against other defenses.

Defenders cheatsheet.

Pull up “DEFENDERS” to see how your defensive players match up against opponent attacks.

Original cheatsheet.

The ORIGINAL U90 Fixture Difficulty Cheat Sheet! Quickly identify problem fixtures or an easy run of games. It’s an overall assessment of the schedule in FPL.

ATTACKERS and DEFENDERS cheatsheets provide a detailed ranking of fixtures by player position.

⚽ Use U90 Fixture Difficulty Cheatsheet to optimize your transfer strategy.


  • Upgraded with 3 versions: Attackers, Defenders, Original
  • Unique algorithm and weighting to rank teams
  • Updated throughout the season
  • Currently on GW7-GW16


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