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Every year, millions of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia to complete the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca in order to get a clean sheet from the heavens. On New Year’s Eve, tens of thousands line the streets of NYC in the frigid cold to watch a lit-up ball descend from the sky, signifying one less year before ascending to heaven. Or descending to hell. I’m not here to judge. You do you. Less than a hundred readers of Razzball Hoops experience heaven when logging onto the site, then voluntarily enter hell on earth when they sign up for one of the RCLs. where the fiercest, most knowledgeable fantasy hoops players reside.

It was a long and arduous journey, fraught with trials and tribulations, but finally, after months of grinding, the victors emerged. Congrats to all the league winners but only one can be crowned as the overall champion of the 2021-22 RCL season…..

Razzball Writer’s League

12 writers from the Razzball Hoops streets entered into the fray. The battles were fierce, as the top three teams were separated by less than two games. Mr. Hooper finished with a record of 101-60-1 while Team G1nsbergb3ats was at 99-59-4 and Team jaleneutsey was at 98-60-4.

From a categories perspective, Team jaleneutsey was tied with Kostas at 78 each. Team jaleneutsey finished first in blocks, second in FT%, AST, and STL. Kostas was tops in PTS, REB, AST, and STL while finishing second in BLK.

RCLs are not roto leagues, though, as it is head-to-head with a playoffs to determine the winner.

SIDE RANT: I do believe that roto is the purest form for fantasy. That, along with auction drafts. That said, I also believe that variance is good for the game. The best players will come out on top more often than not, but a random player can win in any given year, which gives hope to all and keeps the ecosystem thriving. Take for example chess. The best player will always win, which eradicates the losing/poor player. In poker, the Phil Iveys of the world will win more often than not but a Chris Moneymaker can get hot in a hand or tournament which keeps the losing/poor player in the game because of the belief that he can win.

Back from rant. In the playoffs, Mr. Hooper and Team G1nsbergb3ats received first-round byes but they were both bested by Kostas and Team lefthandlayup. In the finals, Kostas pummelled Team lefthandlayup, 7-2, for glory. Congrats, Kostas. If y’all don’t know Kostas, he writes up the Buy/Sell piece on Wednesdays.



There wasn’t much competition in this league as Hobo with a BBall destroyed all comers with an impressive record of 108-52-2. Team edg88 was the closest team at 97-63-2, 11 games back.

From a categories perspective, Team edg88 bested Hobo with a BBall, 78-77. Team edg88 did not win any category but finished second in REB, STL, and BLK. Hobo with a BBall was first in PTS and BLK while finishing second in 3PTM.

In the playoffs, Hobo with a BBall ran the gauntlet and emerged victorious with a 6-3 victory over Team Vas1926.


RCL Joel

As with Hobo with a BBall in RCL Jay, Only Bams was dominant in this league, posting a 106-56 record. The next closest competitor was Chuck and Duck with a 97-64-1 record.

From a categories perspective, Only Bams garnered an impressive 82 roto points, finishing first in 3PTM and FT% while being second in FG%. Team Beazy0420 was a team of extraordinary magnitude, though, with 86 roto points. He finished first in FG%, POTS, REB, and AST.

In the playoffs, Only Bams and Team Beazy0420 met in the finals and Only Bams told Team Beazy0420 to take his category points and shove them up his bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


RCL Kostas

Kostas won the Writer’s League and had an impressive showing in his own league as well. He finished second with a 104-57-1 record. Unfortunately, porno4mumu was a Godzilla-esque beast with a 116-46 record.

porno4mumu also dominated the category streets with 89 roto points. He finished first in 3PTM and second in FG%, REB, and STL. Outside of FT % (9) and TO (5), porno4mumu finished in the top 3 in every other category. Team edg88 wasn’t so bad himself with 82 roto points. He also finished top 3 in 3PTM, PTS,, REB, AST, STL, and BLK.

In the playoffs, porno4mumu finished off Kostas….in his own damn league…in the finals. Have you no shame, porno4mumu?!


RCL Ryan

Beywatch finished with the best record at 104-56-2. There were four other teams with at least 95 wins: Team Pinkman, Dragons, Rainbow Rebounders, and Active Citizens in The Community.

Beywatch finished with the most roto points (84) while Dragons was right behind with 82. Beywatch was top 3 in FG%, FT%, REB, and STL. Dragons was top 3 in 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, STL, and BLK.

In the playoffs, Beywatch received the first-round bye but was bested by Rainbow Rebounders, opening up the door for Dragons to swoop in and torch the rest of the league.

Game Of Thrones Dragon GIFs | Tenor



Son was a middling 80-79-3. The seppuku knives are sharp and shall be utilized after I write this piece. dan_o1 led the league with a 110-50-2 record. nawlins napsters was at 100-60-2.

Shoutout to nawlins napsters. He’s a fantastic guitar player and his spreadsheet and analytical skills were displayed in impressive fashion during the season.

From a categories perspective, dan_o1 led with 77 points while nawlins napsters was at 75. It was the lowest roto points total among all the leagues. It was a tough league with everyone scratching and crawling for every point. dan_o1 was top 3 in FG%, REB, AST, STL, and BLK. He was also the only one to not punt TO, as he finished with an 8 in the category. nawlins napsters was tops in REB, AST, and STL while finishing second in 3PTM and PTS.

In the playoffs, nawlins napsters ran roughshod through the league and emerged victorious over Dort Boards, 6-3.

Here’s how the league champions stacked up:

Writer’s Kostas 83-74-5 78
RCL Jay Hobo with a BBall 108-52-2 77
RCL Joel Only Bams 106-56 82
RCL Kostas porno4mumu 116-46 89
RCL Ryan Dragons 96-65-1 82
RCL Son nawlins napsters 100-60-2 74


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Congrats to porno4mumu for being the overall champion of the 2021-22 RCL season!!!