Vettel to ‘save bees’ rather than race – Berger

Jul.31 (GMM) Sebastian Vettel is not interested in a move to the German touring car series DTM for 2023, according to series boss Gerhard Berger.

Quadruple world champion Vettel, 35, shocked the world of Formula 1 by announcing his impending retirement earlier this weekend in Hungary.

However, he refused to rule out a return to the cockpit some day.

“Of course I can drive somewhere else at my age. I’m physically in tip-top shape,” said the German.

“But I can’t answer that question today. Now I am saying that this chapter is coming to an end. And I’m not saying I’m quitting Formula 1 to drive somewhere else.

“What I can’t say today is how I will react to it.”

Indeed, many former champions, including Vettel’s own mentor Michael Schumacher, initially retired from F1 only to make a comeback some time later.

Vettel has already been offered a seat in the Extreme E off-road series, while Berger – the German’s first F1 team boss back in the early Toro Rosso days – has made no secret of his desire to lure Vettel to DTM.

“That would be a dream,” series boss Berger told Osterreich newspaper. “But I’m afraid he’s rather save bees now.”

Berger is referring to Vettel’s newfound environmental activism, which has raised eyebrows among some given his use of the F1 platform to garner attention.

Vettel says he will continue to push the agenda even from retirement.

“Maybe my voice won’t be as loud now, or my reach won’t be as great,” he admitted.

“But humanity faces the greatest challenge in its history, and if we don’t win this race, the earth will keep spinning without us.”