Aston Martin F1 Team 2022 Canadian F1 GP preview

After Baku we can already look ahead after this weekends Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix. It will the first time in three years the GP will be driven. These three points are the most important according the Aston Martin F1 team:

  1. Track position: The pace advantage required to pass at Montreal is low and 75% of overtakes make use of DRS. However, a short lap means the field is much closer together than at races such as Azerbaijan, making it more difficult to build an advantage over those behind.
  2. Strategy: Canada has the shortest pit-loss time of the year at just 18 seconds, meaning multi-stops are more manageable. That said, in 2019, only three drivers made more than one stop. Pirelli is bringing the C3, C4 and C5 – the softest tyre compounds – for the third race in a row.
  3. Safety Cars: The rate of Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car deployment is below average for the season: just four of the races since 2010 have had a full SC, including the extreme wet race in 2011. There has only been one red flag in that time, also during the rain in 2011.

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin driver #5 said:
“It is always nice to come back to a circuit after a couple of years away, as it makes for a bit of an extra challenge to find a nice rhythm around the track. But it’s definitely going to be worth the wait – the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a fantastic track, and a great venue for racing. The team has learned a lot from the past few races and the car is feeling better every week, so it will be good to see how everything translates in Montreal.”

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin driver #18 said:
“Obviously I am super excited to be back in front of a home crowd and racing in Canada again! It is a shame we haven’t been to Montreal for the past couple of years, so there will be lots of work and preparation to get our car ready for the first practice sessions. As a team, we have made solid progress so far this season, so hopefully we can achieve a good result in front of my home crowd.”


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