Pokemon Unite Espeon Leaked

Every couple of weeks, a new pokemon releases for Pokemon Unite. The new ranked season began, and the game apparently has a subscription service now? But outside of that, no real update on new pokemon entries. Thankfully, data miners like ElChicoEevee have the community covered. In a recent data mine, he discovered strong evidence for Pokemon Unite Espeon, the second Eeveelution to join the mobile MOBA.

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New Pokemon Leaks

Keep in mind players, this is a datamine leak. Therefore, it’s in no way an official announcement. But ElChicoEevee definitely has an amazing track record when it comes to these leaks. Supported with in game footage, screen shots, and other very strong evidence, the likelihood of Pokemon Unite Espeon joining the game stands incredibly high.


Image courtesy of ElChicoEevee

In the link above, ElChicoEevee links his YouTube content. In the video, Espeon’s move set and gameplay can be seen. He also posted some pictures, showing the pokemon’s moves in Spanish. But the author of this article doesn’t know how to understand Spanish, so will purely speculate based on the screen shots posted.

Image courtesy of ElChicoEevee
Pokemon Unite New Pokemon
Image courtesy of ElChicoEevee
Image courtesy of ElChicoEevee

So from the pictures, Eevee evolves at level 4. The moves it learns scale in regards to leveling exactly the same as Sylveon. This should serve as no surprise, seeing as how they are both Eeveelutions. In the video linked in the Twitter post above, the color of the background for Espeon appears to be Red. This correlates with the attacker role. Therefore, it’s highly likely that Espeon will play as a ranged attacker, rather similarly to Sylveon. In addition, Espeon scales with special attack in the main line games.  So the pick will do the same in Pokemon Unite, since developers actually remain surprisingly true to the source material.


In Conclusion

It’s hard to say exactly when these pokemon will release. But considering the month of April was a little dry in regards to Pokemon Unite content, a release date or at least teaser should be coming out in the next week or two. Once again, keep in mind these are leaks and data mines. They’re in no way an official announcement of the Pokemon. ElChicoEevee does have an amazing track record with these, especially for the ones where he finds screen shots and gameplay. Honestly, the only way that these don’t make it into the game is if the developers purposely take the characters out to spite the data mines.

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