Mid Season Invitational 2022 Day 3: No team remains undefeated

League of Legends’ Mid Season Invitational Day 3 Rumble Stage has come to an end. This was definitely a day where interesting things happened, including the first instance where giants such as G2 finally were defeated.

G2 Esports is no longer 4-0 as the LEC champion lost both games against PSG Talon and RNG, finally suffering its first taste of defeat within the tournament. At the end of the day no team is undefeated anymore, it will take a lot of reviewing and assessing errors to get confidence back to the G2.

Nevertheless, this means that the dynamics of the Rumble Stage are now side open for every team with a lot of possibilities in the race to the knockout stages. The obvious favorites to make a comeback are Evil Geniuses and T1, especially T1 as previous games have left more to desire for.

The table after Day 3 of the Rumble Stage looks like this:

1st-RNG 5-1

2nd-G2 Esports 4-2

3rd-T1 4-2

4th-Evil Geniuses 3-3

5th-PSG Talon 2-4

6th-Saigon Buffalo 0-6

As seen above, as it stands, RNG is not just the leader of the group now, but definitely seems as the strongest team of the competition. The change in play for the League of Legends LPL 2022 Spring Split Champions between Day 2 and Day 3 of the Rumble Stage is quite massive. As they have been able to adapt their pressure based playstyle, by adding patience and teamwork into the mix.

RNG absolutely outclassed G2 Esports in every lane while also crushing Saigon Buffalo. Gala and Xiaohu are in electrifying form and it seems like RNG is now the only true contender for the Mid Season Invitational title.

Now G2 Esports’ undefeated run finally came to a close, and it goes without saying that the fall was a bit too hard to swallow, as after the first 2 days, performance was quite high for the LEC champions. Not only did G2 lose to PSG Talon, but also got stomped by RNG in every possible sense. The first loss was more around draft issues where PSG Talon had a much superior composition. However, the second game was a more systematic breakup play where RNG took G2 Esports out pretty easily. Even in the second game, viewers were shocked by two picks from G2. As they picked Riven for BrokenBlade and Yuumi for Targamas, going against their current functional playstyle.

T1 is looking a little shaky as of now. Gumayusi seems like he is lacking confidence in lane, while the rest of the team is making unnecessary forced plays that are costing the Korean team the lead within matches. Today T1 almost threw both games against Evil Geniuses and PSG Talon through multiple missteps in the mid game.

Finally, Evil Geniuses and PSG Talon, the former seems to be currently in better form, even though the latter is definitely looking like a giant killer as per usual from the PCS region. However, PSG Talon has only pulled off a win against G2 which they would have to repeat against other teams to remain in the competition.