Asmongold announces return to Twitch after break

Asmongold is set to return to streaming after taking a break due to some personal issues. It was not the first time that Asmongold left life, as he often admitted that he was burnt down. He also openly talked about his mental well-being and was often an enormous supporter of mental health. While it sometimes still streams on its second channel, it now expects to return to its channel ‘Asmongold.’

One of the main reasons for his current illness was that his mom had some health problems. “Will be back to streaming on Tuesday for New World release, Olympus server. My mother does *all right* and I missed the fellows. I read a lot of them and they improved her spirits a lot, thanks for all these positive messages.”

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Asmongold is normally a very prolific streamer that can stream to tens of thousands of viewers over many hours. As he’s returning with the release of new MMORPG New World, he’ll surely be welcomed back by quite a lot of people.