Topeak JoeBlow Booster floor pump review

The Topeak JoeBlow Booster is a beefy, durable floor pump. It is robust enough to throw around (we don’t) and still provide precision when inflating tires, even after wailing on the piston to compress 160psi into the inflation chamber. Ease-of-use and accuracy are at the top of the list when it comes to seating and inflating tires, and this pump delivers both.

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To seat a tubeless tire, it’s recommended to fill the inflation chamber to 160psi, and then release this into a tire. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)

Pumping action, effective inflation

The pumping action of the JoeBlow Booster feels smooth at low pressures, high pressures, and everything in between. The piston shaft and primary chamber look to be a relatively small diameter and the piston fit is precise. This is important because a proper-fitting piston and plunger are more durable — less play in parts means less wear. Also, I don’t want to take any more pump strokes than I need to.
The bezel on the gauge of the Topeak JoeBlow Booster rotates to either allow filling an inflation chamber or as shown here, to direct air into a tire. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)

Once the inflation chamber is full to the recommended 160psi for seating a tubeless tire, a simple twist of the bezel that surrounds the gauge dial releases air into a tire. Simple. My only hesitation is the precision of the analog dial. While it looks cool, I tend towards getting the same tire pressure into tires every time I need to inflate them. The needle on the gauge of the JoeBlow Booster provides enough accuracy to easily differentiate between less than 5psi increments, but it is not as precise as the Bontrager Flash Charger floor pump, which offers similar features. So to be sure, I still check inflation levels of the JoeBlow Booster against a Blackburn Honest Digital Pressure Gauge, and more often than not the accuracy of the gauge on the floor pump is within 2psi of the handheld Blackburn.

Well-crafted and durable construction

The JoeBlow Booster’s anodized aluminum base, inflation chamber, and pump body are robust. This hefty pump feels as durable as it looks. I can really lean on the handle with all of my weight and it does not deform, so pumping effort efficiently delivers air to the inflation chamber.

While the handle is not as firm-feeling as my years-old Silca Pista, the JoeBlow still feels stiff under load. It takes 41 strokes to move the needle from 0 to 160psi. And inflating tire while wearing carbon-soled cycling shoes with cleats is no big deal — the base of this pump has plenty of surface area on which to stand.
The oversized foot on the Topeak JoeBlow Booster is easy to anchor while wearing a cycling shoe with a road cleat. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)

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Inflator head and hose

The inflator head at the end of a 110cm long hose is robust. The combination metal and plastic construction give it a more durable feel than other, similar pumps in the same price range. In several months of testing, the JoeBlow Booster pump head locking lever is always easy to engage and disengage from a valve time after time, and continues to hold firm when clamped to a value.
The 110cm hose on the JoeBlow Booster is plenty long. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)
The Topeak JoeBlow Booster features a very durable inflator head. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)

Once tires are inflated, a pressure release valve on the inflator head is a nice feature that allows for releasing air from the tires to get them to the desired pressure. A few light presses of this button and I can drop the pressure to a desirable 65psi.
That little button on the inflator head can be used to release pressure and dial in the desired psi. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)


One of the notable features of the Topeak JoeBlow Booster that I did not have the opportunity to test was serviceability. Topeak makes available replacement parts — hoses, pump heads, pressure gauges, and more — for sale. While I did not have a go at replacing any parts (this is a durable pump, after all), the fact that it is user-serviceable is welcome.


The JoeBlow Booster is an excellent addition if you want a durable floor pump with a large easy-to-read dial and simple operation for tubeless tire inflation. While the needle on the analog gauge is not as precise as a digital display, I still find it to be accurate. The pump feels robust and durable, and parts tolerances are precise and give this pump a pro feel. The inflator head is durable and easy to flip on and off a valve time after time.

The Topeak JoeBlow Booster floor pump is not the least-expensive option, however, it is nonetheless a good buy.