In the Drops: Timberland Anorak, Canyon Sports Bra, FFS Razors and plant propagating

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week.

At Cyclist, we’ve been exploring the beauty of the Lake District and enjoying Denmark by bike whilst looking back on our Chilterns Big Ride feature.

The Vuelta a España is still ongoing – Thibaut Pinot has safely finished the twelfth stage by the way – as we also broke down the prize pot for when the cyclists roll into Madrid. Should they dodge COVID.

I used some expert photoshop skills to imagine Tadej Pogačar and Dan Martin were cast in the film Step Brothers for my Extremely Online series while we additionally look towards the Tour of Britain that kicks off this Sunday.

But speaking of kicking off, let’s get into another edition of In the Drops.

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Timberland All Gender Outdoor Archive Anorak

Ah, September. The fresh crunch of leaves on the ground, pumpkin spice lattes, and… wet weather when cycling.

Timberland’s All Gender Outdoor Archive Anorak is designed for autumn and winter, made from 100% recycled nylon fabric and should fit commuters more as opposed to aerodynamic-at-all-cost riders.

I did some looking as to what makes it ‘all gender’, and Timberland say this is from ‘multiple fits and sizes to be more inclusive’.

The front is marked with three zippers – two on the hips and one on the front – as cinches at the hood and hem make for an adjustable fit.

Canyon Sports Bra

A wardrobe staple. The Canyon Sports Bra is designed for cyclists and worn by cyclists (like the Canyon//SRAM team) to protect your chest while exercising.

On the back, its racerback design follows the most popular sports bras to offer support during high intensity workouts, such as sprinting on Zwift for example.

It’s important to have adequate support in that area, with sports bras designed for low, medium or high support depending on personal preference and the sport you’re partaking in. This is ideal for those searching for medium support.

FFS Razor Trial Kit

If something is rose gold, I tend to be drawn to it like a magpie and shiny things.

FFS (or Fuss Free Shaving, but they acknowledge the other meaning as their feelings towards the female shaving market) is a brand that centres on shaving and body care.

I always shave my legs before riding a bike – not for aerodynamic reasons, I just prefer it – and obviously you don’t have to feel the same way, but FFS’s products are an interesting option if you do.

The Razor Trial Kit can be purchased as a one-time delivery or as a subscription. I usually don’t subscribe to things (as I forget to cancel them when they pile up) so this was a one-off to compare it to the store-bought alternatives. I tend to find they invariably nick me, which this didn’t, and thanks to its multiple blades the FFS delivers a closer shave.

When you compile 12 blades, you can package them in the FFS box and send it back to the company for blade recycling too. I appreciate that. 

What we’re into this week: Propagating plants

I’m not patient. At all. But I’m learning. Recently demonstrated when waiting to see if my efforts propagating plants paid off.

I love plants and surround myself with them wherever possible, having several tattoos of the kind, but this is a first step for me.

I’ll wait a bit longer, find some potting mix and hopefully have a couple of new plant children. I’m easily pleased. 

If you have any tips, please let me know!