Felix Verdejo Turns Himself In For Murder Of Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz And Her Unborn Child

Posted on 05/02/2021

By: Sean Crose

Welterweight fighter Felix Verdejo turned himself into the FBI for murdering 27 year told Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz and her unborn child. Ortiz went missing on Thursday. Her family told authorities that she had planned to meet Verdejo to tell him she was pregnant with their child. Ortiz’ body was found in a lagoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital, over the weekend. Verdejo reportedly had been unwilling to aid authorities with their investigation.

According to CBS This Morning’s Lead National Correspondent David Begnaud: “Prosecutors in Puerto Rico alleged…Verdejo called someone on April 27th to ask them to help him terminate the pregnancy of his girlfriend. On April 29th, Verdejo allegedly contacted the victim Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz asked asked to meet near her home.”  Verdejo now stands charged with: “Kidnapping resulting in death – Carjacking resulting in death and Intentionally killing an unborn child – He is eligible for the death penalty if convicted.”

Verdejo reportedly went with a now cooperating witness to meet Ortiz. After Ortiz got into Verdejo’s Dodge Durango, he punched her, and injected her with a needle. He and the witness then held Ortiz down by wrapping wire around her hands and feet. Verdejo then reportedly tied a block to Ortiz before driving to the spot where she would be dropped into the water. The witness was said to have driven Ortiz’ car to the sport where Ortiz would be disposed of. As a final act, Verdejo reportedly shot at Ortiz with a handgun after dumping her off a bridge. The act complete, Verdejo and the witness drove off, leaving Ortiz’ vehicle near the crime scene.

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