60th Florida State Championship Tournament Results

This year we bowled midweek hoping to attract additional bowlers. Unfortunately, with many people down with injuries and the Pandemic the field was set at 23 bowlers. We adhere to the State Covid-19 guidelines for this event.

Wednesday we hosted 10 doubles teams. The team of Terry Rock and Mike Marcheskie bested the team of Dave Nelson and Jason Nelson in the championship match.

A division roll-offs started with 5th and 4th places as Eddy Hutchens won match one over Andrew Szahows 236 with Handicap to 189 with H/C. Match two went to Eddy Hutchens 233 with H/C to 202 as Thomas Jomisko bowed out. Match three was Mike Marcheskie 207 with H/C over Eddy Hutchens bowling 170. Facing Mark Shepherd in the championship match Mike Marcheskie kept his game going to win the championship 230 with H/C to Marks 207 with H/C.

B division roll offs was very competitive also. Match one pitted Keith Green going up against Anthony Radano with Green besting the match 257 with Handicap to 200 with H/C. Match 2 Keith Green challenged John Melvin as John won 218 with H/C to Green’s 185 with H/C. John Melvin challenged Johnny Holand but John lost 215 to Johnny’s 245 with H/C. Dan Formento proved to be too much for Johnny Holand in the championship match Dan winning 263 TO 226 with H/C. Congrats to all who participated.

Individual honors went to Mark Shepherd for 685 HHS in A division. Jason Nelson took HHG 258.

In the B division John Melvin won HHS with a fine 732 series and Dan Formento got HHG of 280. Below is a summary of all the scores.

I would like to thank to National PVA, Pin Chaser Veterans Lanes and staff, FGCPVA, and AWBA for their continued support of this great tournament. Also I would like to thank the bowlers who attended and the friendships and competition that this event created. Such a great time was had by all.

Wayne Webber
Tournament Director


Tournament Winners


A Division


Name Start Ave. Scratch Ending Ave.
BENN, MARLIN 141 1649 137
Jason Nelson 169 1911 159
Andy Burnt 151 1737 144
Dave Nelson 178 1846 153
WEBBER, WAYNE 147 1725 143
RICK MCHANNEY 151 1736 144
TERRY ROCK 137 1436 119
MARK SHEPARD 166 2288 190
ANDREW SZAHOWS 149 1858 154
TTHOMAS JOMISKO 156 1725 143
MIKE MARCHESKIE 119 1556 129

B Division


Name Start Ave. Scratch Ending Ave.
ROB DUCKWORTH 99 1135 94
FORMENTO, DAN 110 1555 129
DEB FREED 101 1215 101
SKIP JOHNSON 75 971 76
McGINNES, DAVID (L) 102 1312 109
GREEN, KEITH 100 1256
Michael Tucker 119 1556 129
JOHNNY HOLAND 86 1292 107
JOHN MELVIN 109 1528 127
CHRIS MURPHY 101 1257 104
ANTHONY RADANO 100 1315 109