Japan Beach Soccer National Team short-listed squad


Player/Head Coach: MOREIRA Ozu (JFA Naitonal Coaching Staff/Tokyo Verdy BS)
Coach: TABATA Teruki (JFA Naitonal Coaching Staff/Veertien Mie BS)
GK Coach: ARAI Yosuke (Loco Sports Shonan)
Physical Coach: TANAKA Akihiro (JFA Physical Fitness Project)


GINOZA Tomoya (Sol Mar Praia Okinawa)
KAWAI Yusuke (Tokyo Verdy BS)
HIEDA Kengo (Tokyo Verdy BS)

YAMAUCHI Shusei (Tokyo Verdy BS)
MOREIRA Ozu (Tokyo Verdy BS)
MOREIRA Leonard (Veertien Mie BS)
AKAGUMA Takuya (Lazo Apego Kitakyusyu)
UESATO Takumi (Tokyo Verdy BS)
UEHARA Hiroaki (Veertien Mie BS)*
KIBUNE Yuki (Averdade Kumamoto BS)
ITO Ryunosuke (Lazo Apego Kitakyusyu)
SAITO Gaiya (Sol Mar Praia Okinawa)
TANAKA Hayate (Tokyo Verdy BS)
YAMAGUCHI Yuki (Veertien Mie BS)*

*First call-up to Japan Beach Soccer National Team

※All team staff and players are subject to PCR testing upon arrival and dismissal.
※In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all trainings will be held behind closed doors.
※Players and staffs are asked to refrain from responding to requests for autographs, handshakes, photographs, etc.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

【Upcoming schedule of Japan Beach Soccer National Team】
Tue. 25 – Sat. 29 October: Intercontinental Cup 2022 (Dubai, UAE)