The BMAF Trail/Multi-Terrain Champs are on! – BMAF

(NOTE: we have only been allocated 60 places and many of them have been taken by those deferring their entry from last year)

This entry is for masters athletes (anyone over the age of 35) who wish to compete in the British Masters 30k Trail Championships.  This is part of the North Downs 30k Trail Race but you should only pay for your race entry here if you have not already entered the race via another route.

British Masters entries close 20/06/2021.

UKA registration is mandatory for entry to the championships.  Athletes registered to Scottish Athletics or Athletics Northern Ireland will need to contact the Race Secretary who can confirm their registration before they complete their entry. If you have a current EA/WA registration and you are unable to enter, then you may not be entering with the same name/date of birth used on your registration.  Use the UK Licence Checker to confirm this or contact the Race Secretary for assistance.

If you are a member of one of the British Masters area clubs, your entry to the championships is free but otherwise you will need to pay a supplement of £4. For further information regarding joining the area club that hosts competitions in your region of the UK, refer to the BMAF website.

A map of the course is available here.  More details regarding the race will be published here

Medals will be awarded to the first three finishers in each five-year age category from 35 to 100+.

Alex Rowe
Competition Secretary

The Tollgate, Watling St, Gravesend DA11 7NP GBR