WWE’s MVP Gives Advice To Performers About Dealing With Negative Fans On Social Media

MVP has dealt with negative fans or those just trying to troll him. He gave out some advice, which was to develop thick skin, via Twitter. He wrote the following: 

“A word of advice to those choosing to be a performer. If you put your talents on display for others to see, people will have opinions. In the age of social media people will state & share their opinions of you & your talents. People say mean things. Develop THICK skin.

As social media’s presence grows in our society it seems people being overly sensitive, as well as people being overly cruel, are keeping up with that growth. What a time to be a performer. What a time to be alive.”

A fan commented on his tweet, “Nobody tells you how much ‘thick skin’ costs you… what it takes from you… the pieces of ourselves we never get back.”

MVP responded, “Then perhaps one who holds this pov should strongly reconsider putting their talents on display for the world to see. When you do so you INVITE criticism. Good and bad.”