What Else Do We Need?

Image Credit: WWE

Veer Mahaan opens up about saying “boo” to Sarah Schreiber on Monday Night Raw.

Veer Mahaan is like an ogre, he has layers.

The arrival of Veer Mahaan on Monday Night Raw has been quite an interesting roller coaster. For months, it was known that Veer Mahaan was “coming.” He was advertised as “coming” for so long that it became a popular meme amongst the wrestling community.

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In the weeks that would follow, Mahaan would pick up some dominant victories but on Monday, July 18, Veer made waves when he approached backstage interviewer Sarah Schreiber and simply said “boo.”

Now, Veer Mahaan defends the segment and the layers being added to his character in a new interview with the Daily Star.

“Why say so much when you can get it done saying so little, right? If that works, what else do we need? The reaction and support has been great [and] has created a buzz around the world. The world hasn’t seen my other side yet. Yes, we’re trying to show the world that Veer Mahaan isn’t just a scary guy that walks around in the ring. We’re trying to show our audience that Veer Mahaan is not just a beast and an angry man, he has other sides. That’s why the world has got to tune in more to see what’s going to happen next,” he said.

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